Friday, November 19, 2010

HP7; Who Have watched it?

Me me me! ahahaha.. I watched it yesterday at TGV Bukit Tinggi. That happened because I've booked ticket online 2 days in advance. If on that day itself I want to buy, jangan harap lah dapat. And I thought weekdays not many people. Man, I was wrong. I think people took a day off after Hari Raya Haji's public holiday. Sibuk je.. gi la keje..ahahha ;p

Okay2, the movie:

1) More and more dark scenes. It's scary for little kids la kot. I don't know, but when I watched that kind of scene, I want to doze off. Maybe I ate lunch before I watched it.

2) The naked scene. Of course not 100% transparent and u can't see every details. But, euww! Since, the previous HP movie no need that kind of scene to be a box office movie. Plus, remembering their acts when they're kids, that scene is just.. wth??!

3) But, there are always funny scene! I can't be spoiling the bits here ;p

This is one of those scenes. So, who have read the book, of course know what the above pic is all about. Memang ni lawak okay. Haha

4) Daniel Radcliffe, not that cute anymore. Haha!

Okay, seriously, I always prefer the book than movie. Always. But now I know why they made it 2 parts. 1 part already about 2 hours to watch. Hehe ;)

Below is just one funny pic and it's not real dialog okay guys. Hehe!

So, what are u waiting for? Go and watch it! But my favorite would always be HP and The Prisoner's of Azkaban. Nothing can changed that. Hahaha!

Image credit to: Google and Tumblr


Mizi a.k.a SKELERTOR said...

ha i agreed with you.. book much better than this movie.... i'm very disappointed with this installment

hopefully part 2 will bring nice ending for this saga..

Aiza Aidid said...

yup.. every movie which adapted from novel would always end up like this. we'll have to wait next year =)

purplelurve said...

i don't read the books but i like to watch all HPs. will watch it soon...

Aiza Aidid said...

yup.. movies pun best gak! ;)

asmaroro said...

i just watched it today! it was not that bad. i totally love the graphics and everything! and and dobby was just tooo too cute!

Aiza Aidid said...

yup.. agreed! dobby memg cute gler.. hehe ;)