First Real Interview Experience with audit firm

November 10, 2010

Last Thursday, I went for my first interview. It was for my internship March next year. It was an interview at an audit firm in Bangsar. Usually, I am nervous for every first time thing. But, this one whether I like it or not, I have to play cool.

What else? Yeah, my interview was about 45 minutes and the person whom interviewing me is Mr Teo, the audit partners himself. I don't know about this at first because usually the HR manager would be in charge but it is my 'luck' maybe on that day. Haha! But everything went fine. I was offered the internship placement on the spot with allowance about RM 800. I even been offered permanent job if I'm interested after I've graduated. I am lucky and grateful for that.

At that moment, I didn't know in my email inbox, there are 4 other offers standing. Luckily, I don't make up my mind during the interview. I asked for a week to decide about the offer. And he said "fair enough". Phewww.. but pity my dad, he had to wait for quite a long time for me. Hehe ;)

During the interview, what I did is that:

1) I answered all his question; which the questions are all like opinion-based type. So, u better keep your brain thinking.

2) Your English must be good. I'm not talking about perfect English, just it should be understandable enough.

3) Be confident. Seriously, this is a must. Don't eat up your words, don't look around as if u're trying to avoid the interviewer's eyes, and speak clearly.

4) When he/she asked if u have any question, just ask at least one. Just to show some signals u're interested to work with the company.

I considered this as one of my good experience. He even asked me to set what I want to learn during my internship, so I'm not lost during that time. This company is one of my choices if i don't get any other offers.

Yeah, people asked me why I don't accept offer by one of the Big 4.. oh yes, I've been offered by PWC. It's not about the name of the company, the size or even the money. Internship, for me is the period you want to apply all the things u've learned in theory. And I don't think I'm ready mentally to entered the big 4 even my academic results qualified me. I'll come to big 4 once I've got my ACCA. And I will!

But, I've accepted another offer by Moore Stephens Chartered Accountant. It's a multinational audit firm with 68 branches across the world and I think it'll gives me what I'm seeking for.

Academic results doesn't guaranteed you a job. It's just a ticket. It will complement everything too. But it is not a guarantor =)

Just showed u have one extra point than the rest and u'll be fine =)

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