Eat These If You're Trying to lose weight

November 22, 2010

  • Watermelon
Number factor: contains less than 50 calories
The fact: Helps to reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, and vision loss.
Plus point: It is delicious and contains antioxidant.

  • Avocado
Number factor: 1/4 of medium sized avocado = 65 calories
The fact: Helps to lower bad cholesterol level. BUT, do not over eat it because of its calories.
Plus point: Alternative of mayonnaise for sandwiches eating ;)

  • Sweet potato
Number factor : Contains only 150 calories compared to white potato which is 300 calories
The fact: Provide vitamins A and 4 grams of fiber.
Plus point: You only be needing a medium sized potato which only about the size of your fist!

  • Salmon
Number factor: 4 ounces servings = 160 calories. Only.
The fact: The source as Omega 3, which reduces risk of heart disease.
Plus point: Can be served with steamed brocolli and sweet potatoes.

  • Raspberries
Number factor: 1 cup serving = 60 calories.
The fact: Source for vitamins B, C, and fiber.
Plus point: Great dessert when coupled with yogurt.

  • Onions
Number factor: A cup of chopped onion = 60 calories
The fact: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Plus point: You can eat raw or used as ingredients in the meals!

  • Greek yogurt
Number factor: A cup = 150 calories
The fact: Provide proteins needed which is used to strengthen muscles.
Plus point: Can add any fruit you want in order to add flavors.

Personally, I don't practiced extreme diet. And I'll never will. What I did is that, I set up the weight range I feel suitable for myself. For example, 48kg-54kg. If my weight don't go above the upper limit then I have nothing to worry about.

But if the circumstance is otherwise, I'll start reducing the fast food. Or eat less rice by substituting it with other carbs sources with less calories. Then, I'll exercise more often. If let says, my work out routine, is jogging twice a week, then perhaps I'll make it 4 times a week. But, exercise is a must whether you gain weight or not. Usually, what I do is either go for a jog or play badminton. Or simply tidying the house. Haha!

What u mustn't do is, emptying your stomach the whole day and eat like hell at the end of the day. Or exercise all out, but eat a lot at the end of the session.

Eat well and u'll be healthy and happy =)

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