Tuesday, November 30, 2010


A: She's pretty!
B: No! That's just make ups.

A: She's smart!
B: Well, she's just lucky during exams.

A: She's nice.
B: No lah. Buat2 je tuh!

3 independent stories. One point. Jealously.

People. Kalau tak dengki tak boleh. Kalau tak mengata tak boleh.
Do it ever crossed your mind, some people work really hard to chase their dreams?
People don't get lucky every day. It's called hardworking and efforts.
Some people are just happy because all their efforts started to pay off.

Well, who doesn't?

Stop acting jealous of what other people have.
Start focusing on what u're good at.
Then u know u're as good as others =)

p/s: Random post. Too much 'noises' make me uncomfortable.

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Saturday Fever

I supposed to be studying for quiz and mid terms. But, yesterday, I suddenly not feeling well. High fever and headache. Sampai nak gi wat blood test konon..mengada je lebih..haha. But seriously, dah penah kena denggi dulu, maybe that's why, I felt extra cautious.

I guess during the weekday I ate a lot of ice cream. Mocha with ice cream, snow milk ice cream and the rest. By the way, lately I usually go out and eat at Pappa Rich Cyber. Well, sometimes hostel food dah boring. So, change of taste, I guess ;p

Time weekdays kalau datang sini, memang takde orang pun. Kosong je kan tuh! Nak sembang ngan kawan pun tak payah nak jerit-jerit. Ahaha! But, I once came during Friday night, this place was really packed. As far as I know, Cyberjaya not that many people ;)

This two is one of the best combination. Sedap je! Well, actually, I already ate dinner at that time. So, I went there to accompany my roommate and I treated myself for supper. So, here it is, the Mocha iced with ice cream & roti bakar susu. And when I reached my room, my eyes already felt heavy. Hehe!

Now, zoom at the drink which caused me my sore throat...

And yup, a combination with this, the next day...

This one is called Snow Ice Milk. And as u can see, above it there are a lot of chocolate chips. For those who lived in Cyber, u can have this at this one shop near at Old Town and Padi Cyber. Sorry sangat, lupa pulak nama kedai tu. hehe!

And now, time for rest. Nite people =)

Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Thanks To You

I have a lot of reasons to be thankful. I have great family, boyfriend and friends. At this moment, I would not ask for anything more. But there are more that I should be thankful to.

So let's start of with....

1) Nuffnang

I rarely check my buffered earnings. But, I clicked it on Sunday and yeah a lot of BE. Hehe :D Even though a lot but still, it doesn't reached the amount that can make me jump up and down like monkey. It's okay, the time for me to be jumping like that will come. Haha! So thanks to you Nuffnang =)

2) Followers.
Oh, thanks a lot. All 176! I really do appreciate what you guys did ;) Well, for not popular blog like mine that number is a lot. Nak sampai ribu2 followers kena tunggu lagi bape tahun la kan. Hehe!

3) Family
For last Saturday, thanks a lot for your blessings. Hee =)

4) Boyfriend
For last weekdays and weekend, there are a lot of things I want to thank you. But above all that, it is always because you know how to make me laugh happily
And now I miss you. Much!

Thanks for shortlisting my name for the internship. I really want to do my intern at your company. But sadly, I have to decline :( I already chosen the one that offered me first.

6) Moore Stephens AC Chartered Accountant
But, thanks to this audit firm, I have no worries for the internship placement. Since, it is my choice apart from KPMG. I feel grateful because I'm lucky I have quite a lot offers.

One door closed, more better doors will open. Insyaallah =)

Monday, November 22, 2010

Eat These If You're Trying to lose weight

  • Watermelon
Number factor: contains less than 50 calories
The fact: Helps to reduce risk of cancer, heart disease, and vision loss.
Plus point: It is delicious and contains antioxidant.

  • Avocado
Number factor: 1/4 of medium sized avocado = 65 calories
The fact: Helps to lower bad cholesterol level. BUT, do not over eat it because of its calories.
Plus point: Alternative of mayonnaise for sandwiches eating ;)

  • Sweet potato
Number factor : Contains only 150 calories compared to white potato which is 300 calories
The fact: Provide vitamins A and 4 grams of fiber.
Plus point: You only be needing a medium sized potato which only about the size of your fist!

  • Salmon
Number factor: 4 ounces servings = 160 calories. Only.
The fact: The source as Omega 3, which reduces risk of heart disease.
Plus point: Can be served with steamed brocolli and sweet potatoes.

  • Raspberries
Number factor: 1 cup serving = 60 calories.
The fact: Source for vitamins B, C, and fiber.
Plus point: Great dessert when coupled with yogurt.

  • Onions
Number factor: A cup of chopped onion = 60 calories
The fact: Anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
Plus point: You can eat raw or used as ingredients in the meals!

  • Greek yogurt
Number factor: A cup = 150 calories
The fact: Provide proteins needed which is used to strengthen muscles.
Plus point: Can add any fruit you want in order to add flavors.

Personally, I don't practiced extreme diet. And I'll never will. What I did is that, I set up the weight range I feel suitable for myself. For example, 48kg-54kg. If my weight don't go above the upper limit then I have nothing to worry about.

But if the circumstance is otherwise, I'll start reducing the fast food. Or eat less rice by substituting it with other carbs sources with less calories. Then, I'll exercise more often. If let says, my work out routine, is jogging twice a week, then perhaps I'll make it 4 times a week. But, exercise is a must whether you gain weight or not. Usually, what I do is either go for a jog or play badminton. Or simply tidying the house. Haha!

What u mustn't do is, emptying your stomach the whole day and eat like hell at the end of the day. Or exercise all out, but eat a lot at the end of the session.

Eat well and u'll be healthy and happy =)

Images: Google

Sunday, November 21, 2010

What Make U Undateable? (For Guys)


Click to enlarge

Hello guys, any girl with a right mind won't go out with you if u're looking like the guy in the picture. Well, for sure I won't. Hideous okay. Just look nice (and u don't have to be drop dead handsome!), smells good and be a gentleman.

And I'm lucky my boyfriend is my type of guy :)

Friday, November 19, 2010

HP7; Who Have watched it?

Me me me! ahahaha.. I watched it yesterday at TGV Bukit Tinggi. That happened because I've booked ticket online 2 days in advance. If on that day itself I want to buy, jangan harap lah dapat. And I thought weekdays not many people. Man, I was wrong. I think people took a day off after Hari Raya Haji's public holiday. Sibuk je.. gi la keje..ahahha ;p

Okay2, the movie:

1) More and more dark scenes. It's scary for little kids la kot. I don't know, but when I watched that kind of scene, I want to doze off. Maybe I ate lunch before I watched it.

2) The naked scene. Of course not 100% transparent and u can't see every details. But, euww! Since, the previous HP movie no need that kind of scene to be a box office movie. Plus, remembering their acts when they're kids, that scene is just.. wth??!

3) But, there are always funny scene! I can't be spoiling the bits here ;p

This is one of those scenes. So, who have read the book, of course know what the above pic is all about. Memang ni lawak okay. Haha

4) Daniel Radcliffe, not that cute anymore. Haha!

Okay, seriously, I always prefer the book than movie. Always. But now I know why they made it 2 parts. 1 part already about 2 hours to watch. Hehe ;)

Below is just one funny pic and it's not real dialog okay guys. Hehe!

So, what are u waiting for? Go and watch it! But my favorite would always be HP and The Prisoner's of Azkaban. Nothing can changed that. Hahaha!

Image credit to: Google and Tumblr

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Raining Season.

How's your day today? Start pukul 2 je dah hujan, so tak boleh lah nak pegi mane2. *alasan*.. Haha. Hari Raya Haji, well there always the food but dekat sini takde lah raya sangat pun. Biasa2 je. And I always wonder why. Hurm ;) By the way, how's yours? Well, one thing I noticed, my bff kat Egypt dah raya awal ;p Hehe

But yesterday, on my way back it's raining heavily. Seriously, I drove like 50km/h - 60km/h. That's just my speed. At least for yesterday la kan. Tak nampak jalan and I ambik the third lane. Nak drive dekat fast lane memang tak lah kan. Takut okay. Plus, someone is waiting for me kat Klang. Nasib baik tak kena tunggu lama sangat ek awak ;p

So, the message is, now is the raining season, drive carefully. Kalau dah tak nampak sangat jalan stop je kat the nearest R&R. Well, Cyberjaya-Klang, not many R&R if u drive using the Elite highway. So, my case is an isolated case =)

And there's this one rude driver, used the middle finger at me. You're lucky is not my boyfriend who drive at that time! What is wrong with Malaysian driver. Hujan kot.. nak laju mana sangat la ko bole pegi tah. ptff~


"When u both can act silly together and not care that how stupid u look in front of each other..that's love"

p/s: Still hoping the plan will happen =)

Monday, November 15, 2010

List of Most Expensive Universities Around the world

Hi guys! So I've been silent for a few days and the last post is a bitter one, sorry about that. But now, I'm happy so let's check this thing out.

The original post is a bit unorganized, so I just convert the currency into MYR. The original is in USD. Well, let's start the list with the least expensive universities across the world, shall we?

12) Instituto Technologico y de Estudios Superiores de Monterrey Mexico

Location: South America/ Mexico
It is a private universities in Mexico founded in 1943 by local businessmen.
Fees: RM 35182.59 annually

11) Aoyama Gakuin University
Location: Tokyo, Japan
A private university founded by Methodist Episcopal missionaries in 1874.
Fees: RM 36720.45 - RM 50529.85 annually

10) University of Buckingham

Location: England, UK
The only private university in the country!
Fees: RM 47689.51 annually

9) American University of Sharjah

Location: UAE
All courses are in English but there are still Arab culture ;)
Fees: RM 52632.65 annually

8) Quest University Canada

Location: British Columbia, Canada
An hour north of Vancouver and only been opened in 2007.
Fees: RM 73503.67 annually

7) Bond University

Location: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia
Private but non-profit university, opened in 1989.
Fees: RM 103256.65 annually

6) American University of Paris
Location: Continental Europe
Fees: RM 108984.41 annually

And now comes the top 5 most expensive university in the world

5) Sarah Lawrence College

Location: New York, US
About 75% of its undergraduates are women!
Fees: RM 119545.47 annually

4) Vassar College

Location: New York, US
Previously, it's all-girls college, but now it's a co-ed.
Fees: RM119623.93 annually

3) Bucknell University

Location: Lewisburg, Pa, US
It suggested its students to budget about $50K on books, room and boards per year!
Fees: RM 119683.56 annually

2) Kenyon College

Location: Ohio, US
It is a liberal arts school founded in 1824 - the oldest private college/uni in Ohio
Fees: RM 119702.39 annually

And the number 1 spot goes to....

1) George Washington University

Location: Washington DC
Fees: RM 123154.74 annually

Erm.. expensive right and all top 5 spots are in the US. No wonder the students there eagerly grabbed any scholarships opportunities.

And I'm lucky that even I'm in MMU which is private, the fees does not reached the amount above! Well, I'm comparing apple to apple right? But still, it's in Malaysia =)

Till next post, take care guys! ;)

Source: Google and Yahoo Education.

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Almost Ruin.

Hujan lagi. Tak dapat nak buat ape2 pun petang ni.
Nak tido dah petang sangat plak. Haih.. lambatnye weekend. Hee ;D

I don't even bothered anyone's life before this. For me, what is important is my own and my loved ones'. But last night one bitchy stalker hurt me badly. I don't know what u want actually. Do u want to shatter all the trust I've built all these years? Trying to ruin other people relationship? You almost succeed last nite. Damn u!

Get a life bi**h! Ko takde keje ke nak stalk aku.
Thanks for making me feel really popular. Haha! Pathetic sangat je macam tu.
And please, don't be that cheap. You already have a low self-esteem.

I'm not asking much.


Wednesday, November 10, 2010

First Real Interview Experience with audit firm

Last Thursday, I went for my first interview. It was for my internship March next year. It was an interview at an audit firm in Bangsar. Usually, I am nervous for every first time thing. But, this one whether I like it or not, I have to play cool.

What else? Yeah, my interview was about 45 minutes and the person whom interviewing me is Mr Teo, the audit partners himself. I don't know about this at first because usually the HR manager would be in charge but it is my 'luck' maybe on that day. Haha! But everything went fine. I was offered the internship placement on the spot with allowance about RM 800. I even been offered permanent job if I'm interested after I've graduated. I am lucky and grateful for that.

At that moment, I didn't know in my email inbox, there are 4 other offers standing. Luckily, I don't make up my mind during the interview. I asked for a week to decide about the offer. And he said "fair enough". Phewww.. but pity my dad, he had to wait for quite a long time for me. Hehe ;)

During the interview, what I did is that:

1) I answered all his question; which the questions are all like opinion-based type. So, u better keep your brain thinking.

2) Your English must be good. I'm not talking about perfect English, just it should be understandable enough.

3) Be confident. Seriously, this is a must. Don't eat up your words, don't look around as if u're trying to avoid the interviewer's eyes, and speak clearly.

4) When he/she asked if u have any question, just ask at least one. Just to show some signals u're interested to work with the company.

I considered this as one of my good experience. He even asked me to set what I want to learn during my internship, so I'm not lost during that time. This company is one of my choices if i don't get any other offers.

Yeah, people asked me why I don't accept offer by one of the Big 4.. oh yes, I've been offered by PWC. It's not about the name of the company, the size or even the money. Internship, for me is the period you want to apply all the things u've learned in theory. And I don't think I'm ready mentally to entered the big 4 even my academic results qualified me. I'll come to big 4 once I've got my ACCA. And I will!

But, I've accepted another offer by Moore Stephens Chartered Accountant. It's a multinational audit firm with 68 branches across the world and I think it'll gives me what I'm seeking for.

Academic results doesn't guaranteed you a job. It's just a ticket. It will complement everything too. But it is not a guarantor =)

Just showed u have one extra point than the rest and u'll be fine =)

Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Evolution of Company's Logo

Source: Google

p/s: What will it be like for facebook or twitter logo in the future? ;)

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Them ♥

Even KMNS days are ages ago,
this kind of friendship do remains.

the happy faces.
even my laughter looks kinda weird. Haha!
I don't care.. I had fun.


Amal, Lily, Syu... owner blog ;)

And theirs' are among the ones I intend to keep
for a very long time.

Credit to Amal for all the pics :D :D


Oh, I've got a few offers for the internships placement.
Alhamdulillah ;)
Once everything is confirmed, I'll update more on that
Later people!

p/s: This weekend is great. How about yours? :)

Tuesday, November 02, 2010


Even I've read the whole series.
Even I've known the ending.
But still...
Can't wait to watch it.
Ala.. tapi nape la buat 2 parts?
Dah kene tunggu the final part July 2011.
But.. still excited to watch. Bile ek?
If I'm not mistaken 18th November =))

The right way to eat Cheesy pizza!

Before I went back to Cyber yesterday, I promised my sister that I'll treat her with the new pizza. You know, the 6 types-of-cheese-pizza.
So we went to eat that thing. Haha ;D

Well, since we went there with empty stomach, we end up order that pizza with chicken mushroom topping, which u need to add RM2 for this and also a plate of platter. Lapa la kan dah tengah hari ;)

Yeay! The pizza arrived!! That's not the exact words but the same meaning said by my sister. I just ordered the regular one because it's only 2 of us at that time.

And now, it's time to dig in....

Ah!! The cheese! I like cheese like a lot.. so this one would be in my favorite list. hehe!

Poke that cheese with the fork and ready to eat it!!
I don't know at this time how many slices are left.

And this is the expression of my sister... I don't know. Either she cried because there is no more pizza since I ate few slices or maybe she just shy in front of the camera. I doubt the latter one. Haha!

See, I don't have that much friends. I prefer hanging out with my sisters. But, I have date with my girlfriends from matrix this Saturday.!!And that, I am really looking forward to see them.

Another story, currently I'm busy applying for my internship placement at audit firms. I've got a few response and we'll see how it goes from here. Hopefully, everything will be fine =)