Yes. Emo's week is over!

October 02, 2010

Well, exams are over. Haha! And right now, I'm at home =) I've got 2 weeks holidays so I think I'll be spending time on sleeping, watching movies, hang out with my best friend and experimenting new weird food/drinks. E.g: Like this water ;p

My last paper way yesterday. Almost everyone said it is hard. My comment, no comment..hehe. As usual, i already gave my best shot. So, insyaallah ;)

But yesterday, one incident happened where there's a girl who can't enter the exam hall because she were just late for about 45 minutes. This girl is my course-mate. My lecturer already let her in when the ketua invigilator saw that. Well, after that, this annoying invigilator asked her to go back and won't let her do the exam. What i think?

Seriously cruel ok what u did Mr Invigilator! Okay, yes that girl was wrong, but the exam was 3 hours. She just want to sit for the exam, not to get extra time. Plus, OUR lecturer already let her in. What's your problem? Haih.. pity that girl. Nanges2 tak dapat masuk exam. On the other hand, next time don't ever come late. In case, this kind of invigilator would be in charge again.

Ok, another story, after exam I didn't come back straight to Klang. Instead, I packed up my stuff and downloaded movies for 2 weeks 'stock'. Haha! Oh, not forgotten, I went out with a few friends to Alamanda. We ate at Chakri Express, a Thai restaurant. Well, the food not bad but somehow spicy. A way too spicy even for spicy food lover like me.

Yes, I had fun yesterday. To my roommate, thanks for ur invitation. Haha!
So, I'm going to have fun through out the semester break.
Well.. at least until the result day ;)

Oh, to my boyfriend, thanks a million for putting up with my swinging mood
during the exam.
You are the best, do u know that? hihi

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