XL Lipstick; Every Girl Must Have!

October 13, 2010

Recently, I turned 22 right? For my readers, they knew this from this post. Well, when u at this age, not much of gifts are expected. Normally the gifts are in terms of money as your birthday token. Am I right? Yeah, I knew it! Hehe. But, I got the cake I want from Bakers Cottage and it's not expensive as Secret Recipe's. Sorry, not really a fan of SR these days. Haha!

Okay, personally, I don't prefer money. But since my parents had no idea what to give me anymore, I just accept it. But to my boyfriend and siblings, this is a reminder, i want presents okay? hahahaha *gile tak malu* ;D

So here are some of the gifts I've got. Actually all are from my youngest sister, since she now has quite a lot of money (duet raye tak habes lagi la tuh! kahkah). All below, except the novels which I bought using the token money. Well, thank u so much for the presents! :D

Oh, do u notice something?

Well, see carefully... now tell me what is it?

Huh, I can't hear you!! Giant what?? Haha

Seriously, it is a giant lipstick! I got it as a gift from my sister. Haha. Well, whether it is a real lipstick or not, u may judge it yourself ;)

Okay, now zoom in

It is a strawberry lipstick flavor. Hah! Of course it is not a real lipstick. It is actually the moneybox a.k.a tabung. I think most girls like this. I asked the shop and this is one of the fast selling items. The day we went to the shop, there are only 3 units left! Besides cute, it is also useful. I like to keep coins so now it's almost full. Nak gi beli lagi la with other flavors. Haha!

p/s: I've told u I like cute stuffs.
p/s/s: The stuffs are not expensive at all! ;D

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