When the right time to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

October 28, 2010

During my semester break about 2 weeks ago, I hang out with my best friend. At the mall, we saw a few couples there and these couples were wearing their school uniforms. I don't know others' takes about this, but for me when u're in school you should not be in a relationship. It is not the right time for you yet.

First of all, u are still a kid. You know, 14 or 15 years old is the age u should study and enjoy with your friends. I don't have a boyfriend when I was in school (admirers yes, but no serious boyfriends). I don't feel the need to have one at that time. Simply because, I've got many other things to do like go for tuition, play sports, piano classes etc2. Plus, I'm scared of my mum if she found out about that..haha! (joking2)

Ok2, back to the story, maybe u think u're mature enough, and u can handle the problems in a relationship, u are so wrong. In case a problem occurred, u would feel demotivated to study, sad all the time. Why would u want that kind of pressure at that very young age? Instead you should enjoy your life to the fullest ;)

And one more thing, relationship during school is just puppy love. Rarely, it would lasts. But, there are a few which lasts and for them congrats =) To the rest, well, it's just a waste of time.

When is the right time? My dad always said, do not find love because the right one would always come to u. And for me it did. It came when I was 19. Compared to these days kids who have a boyfriend at the age of 12, I'm considered old when I have my steady boyfriend ;)

And until now I'm still with the same person. I believe that once u're matured enough, u are ready then. Mature enough in terms of even when there's a problem, u still can handle everything, and it would not interfere with your studies and all.

To my youngest sister, please do not follow this kind of peer pressure. Just enjoy your teens life as u should and having a boyfriend is not included in that list =)

p/s: Okay, lepas ni mesti ade budak skola tak puas ati. Sorry, but sakit mata la tengok kalau kat mall tu budak2 skola yg camni. Haih

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