What I Miss About My Childhood

October 11, 2010

1) I missed the whole-day-play-time. Kids like to play the whole time right? SO DO I!! hehe ;D As a kid I usually play hide and seek with my sister. She's 2 years younger than me. Well, at least I can cheated her during any games since she's not that smart at that time. Haha.

2) I missed the bicycle rides with my grandpa. This is one of the things I really missed. Every morning, I would go to the grocery shop with him. He would put me in the rattan-seat (it's like kids' seat but for bicycle, I think) and then he would cycled. Then, at the shop I can buy any sweets or chocolates that I want. Well, it is always grandpa's treats. Haha!

3) I missed my doll. Or to be specific my dolls. I have a few dolls but they are all the same. It's always the pinkish cheek with fluffy hair. I like that doll because when I go to sleep, I like to play with its cheek and then I fall asleep. How I get so many? Every time, the old doll is out of shape, or even when I was sick, my aunt or parents would buy a new one. The EXACT new one. I have a name for it but now forgot about it.

Overall my childhood is one of the best memories. Without having to deal with adult problems, it is simple. Don't u think?

Now, let's take a look at this picture and see if u can guess which one of them is me. The clue, I'm the cutest. And I look like a boy. Hahaha!

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