Weird Vending Machines

October 08, 2010

1) Anger Release Vending Machine

What is this?
We're talking about anger management here. It is a vending machine which has small China pieces. Customers may purchase these pieces for them to break in order to channel their anger out of their heads.

Invented by : Yarisal & Kublitz

I think it is one of the good way to manage your anger IF at that time of purchase the customer still able to think straight. If the other way around, the customer might be vandalizing the machine instead of buying the China pieces. Who knows right? ;)

2) Marijuana Vending Machine

What is this?
It is a vending machine selling medical marijuana. It is not like u can go get your drugs more easier by having that machine. There are quite numbers of procedure you need to follow. The main point is there must be prescription approved by doctor. And it's available 24/7!

Location: Los Angeles

Well, in terms of safety, there are 2 guards there. But still, a good thing might be misuse. Its all depends on how it is used.

3) Bicycle Vending Machine

What is this?
It allows you to rent bicycle at one point and drop it off at another machine's spot. It also have RFID (radio frequency identification), so don't think of stealing it as that bike can be traced. Haha!

Invented by: Springtime Bike Dispenser, a Dutch Company.

4) Umbrella and Cameras

What is this?
It is just a machine that helps the people who are in need. The target group would be the tourists who forget to bring cameras or trapped in heavy rain. Well, it is a cute machine! hehe :D

Other location that it can be found: Japan

I stumbled upon this topic on Yahoo. There are other weird vending machines. You can find it here.

Credit: All images about this post are also taken there.

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