Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Variety of Contact Lenses

These are some of the contact lenses I've found when I google about it last week. Well, some are okay and there are a few which I think scary looking rather than cute. I don't know, different people, different taste. Right? ;)

Dragon-looked contact lenses. Why on earth do anyone wants to have this kind of eyes?
It's scary. Not at all a nice view.

Aha! Yes, this one is cool. It's an electronic circuit contact lenses.

Hello-kitty contact lenses. Trying to look cute?
Well, this may not be suitable for anyone.
And definitely not for myself ;)

Sparkling contact-lenses. It makes your eyes a little
more shinier than usual. Yup, would be my taste.
Plus, it looks normal. Haha!

Well, one thing though, do you guys think that this contact lenses are real? Yeah, I know there are fashionable contact lenses, but these above looked like being edited. I'm not stating that they are edited, because I'm not sure. But being curious it's not wrong either.

Good day, people!
Will update more.

Image from: Google


rainbow skit, said...

tak takut ke pakai contact lens, all the risk of getting infection, and the idea of touching the eyeball itself has already scared me away. duh.

Aiza Aidid said...

i don't know. tak penah pakai pon. but different ppl, different opinion. =)