Too cute To be Eaten!

October 16, 2010

I L.O.V.E ...
to eat. And for sure I love food!

But too cute food.. I don't have the heart to eat :( How can u eat if there's a cute bear or cute panda staring at you!

Oh, back to the story about food, I don't believe in diet. I've gained a few kilograms when I was in Form 2, 4 and a few months at matrix but then all the fats would get lost on their own. I don't know how. Perhaps, when u don't focus on how much u weight, and just eat accordingly then there would not be any pressure. So, your body would not feel any stress. Macam tu la kot. Haha.

Source: Google and Tumblr

Ok, another story, a few days back, I went to my roommate's house for her BBQ and a friend of mine asked me this, "Aiza, nape makin kurus? U tak makan ek?" I just smiled. I don't know how to answer that kind of question. I tak makan Nana? Salah orang la u tanya macam tu. Hehe :D

Okay, 1st pic, I just arrived. Well, my friend there busy asking to take pics. So okay la =p
"Hish.. org nak makan ni taw.. haha".
Well that's what I said silently!

The 2nd pic, this what my bf said muke kenyang. Hahaha!
Maybe it's true.

p/s: Both pics I sat down. I'm too full to stand up. Haha
p/s/s: That just showed how much I love to eat. Tq =)

Mood: Stressful. Hopefully, everything will be fine. I AM SCARED.

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