Three in a Row

October 19, 2010

I haven't been updating this challenge for a few days. So, now I've got the time, so I'm gonna answer all 3 questions in one entry. Haha! *boleh plak mcm tuh*

1) Where are you studying? What course?

Ok2. The first part, I'm studying at Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya. I guess most people know MMU, right? Sape taktau sila google. Hehe ;p I've been here since January 2008 up till now.

So, I'm a final year degree accounting student. And I'm going for my 6 months internship starting on March 2011. Hopefully everything went well ;)

2) Events to do before 2010 ends.

Let's see, for a starter, my matrix's friends asked me to plan a reunion for our class. Okay, that's already started. Then, to see the boyfriend, in a few weeks from now. Then, lastly, my family is planning to go on a vacation which usually cannot be done because there will be at least one of the family members is not available at that particular time. All these are in planning, and I really want all these to happen. Please (^_^)

3) What is your 2010 aim? Did you achieve it?

I rarely do this yearly aims at the beginning of the every year. What I can say is that, I achieved in becoming a better person. Thank you. Haha

Okay, this is like answering the interview session. I'm actually talking to myself while typing all these. Nut luckily for me, my roommate is currently out. So, no one is here to see me talking to myself =) I really like to mumble alone too. Sorry, if that creeps you out. On the other point, I'm not crazy just have lots of ideas to be said ;p

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