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October 31, 2010

I've got this tag from Mya. Thanks sebab bagi idea for new post! haha =)

The rule: Once u have been tagged, u are supposed to write a note, with 25 random things, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged, u have to tagged the person who tagged u.

this is the real look of the blogger.
the fact that my cheeks are chubby. Haha

1) Aiza Aidid is my blogger's name only. My real name is too long that's why I didn't use it. It's the combination of my last name and my dad's childhood name. Every1 thought 'Aidid' is my boyfriend's name. U are wrong people. Hahaha!

2) People always mistaken me to be a secondary student. Personally, I don't think I look that young ;p I'm actually 22 years old.

3) I'm 4th year student of accounting, which makes me the final year/the senior/ other similars names. Haha! Fyi readers, dekat MMU, budak2 final year dorang panggil Epsilon students. hehe

4) My blog is in English just because I like to write in simple sentences. Bukan sebab malu or apa2 untuk blogging dalam BM. Saya rase kalau saya blogging dalam BM, lagi banyak saya rosakkan bahasa, sebab nanti memang akan banyak sangat kesalahan tatabahasa T_T

5) I love texting with that special person. The average number in my inbox are 500 per week!

6) I'm planning to continue my studies in ACCA, a professional qualification for accounting, after graduating. Sebab tinggal lagi 5 paper je boleh dapat dah ACCA, lucky that I'm MMU-ians since boleh dapat banyak exemption papers! Most probably, do it part time basis since my priority is to work and gained experience first ;)

7) I love music. Very much! But please not pop music. Preferably music like Daughtry, Paramore etc.

8) Talking about music, I can play both the piano and the guitar. But if I want to compare between those two, I can play the piano better since I played it when I was 8 years old ;)

9) I like to read English fiction novels. Every month I would buy one or two books and I keep those books on my shelf since I made them as my collections. Also I'm keeping it for my kids later on. Haha!

10) Hah! Through out my years in using hand phones since I was 15, I only use 1 nokia and 3 Sony Ericsson. And all the SE phone are the walkman type. So, now u know which brand I prefer. Hehe!

11) I don't own any camera :( Yeah, except the camera in my phone.

12) But I do have a video camera. Sony ape tah, tak ingat la series die. I used it to experiment new effects on video editing. Yup, I like to do the editing stuff including Photoshop pictures =) So sape2 nak mintak tolong bole la. Macam pandai sangat je. Haha!

13) Saya tak boleh belajar bahasa yang tulisan die bukan Roman type. I've learned Korean before and I failed. But when I learnt French, I feel it is easy. Even for my oral test, I've got full marks ;)

14) I undergone eyes operation when I was 6.

15) I wear specs as early as 5 years old. I have eyes problem or to be exact, my right eye is damaged masa kecik2 dulu sebab kena demam panas. But takpe, kira lagi untung kalau compared with blind people. At least, I can still see. That's why I feel really grateful =)

16) I'm the eldest of four siblings which I have 2 sisters and a brother. I treated them all like my friends. I'm not the fierce-sister type. But sometime I am. Haha!

17) I like to eat!!! But with quite high metabolism, my weight don't always go up more than 52kg. It's balanced with my height which is about 164cm =)

18) But but but.. even my body isn't fat, my cheeks are quite chubby. I think all the fat from the food went there. Haha!

19) Naturally, I'm a quiet person. Some thought me as a cold person. I'm not, but just shy. With the close people, I am talkative! =)) Maybe, that is one of the reason I have this blog as my medium to talk to people.

20) I'm not the girlish type of girl. I don't wear make ups, put on fake eye lashes or wear 6 inches heels. I'm very simple person. I only took 10 minutes to get ready every day. Haha!

21) But I like cute stuffs. You would know this if u read my post on XL lipstick. Haha!

22) My favourite colours, I always like anything which is white, black or grey.

23) Many other girls would prefer roses. I would love lilies and it must be white lilies =)

24) To make a comparison, I'm good in analytical subjects but worse in memorizing subjects. I guess that's why I score A for all my finance papers and no A the reading paper. Haha!

25) I am already taken =) I guess this one u know. Hihi

Okay, tak tahu la nak tag sape. Korang mesti malas kan. Haha! So, macam ni lah, sape2 yang baca this post kat sini, and rasa2 nak buat, korang buat la. Then let me know so I can read yours! ;)

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