My Blog Has A New Look!

October 07, 2010

Oh yes, first of all, a million thanks to those who follow this blog, read my posts, silence readers, you are also included ;) I rarely said thanks huh? But U guys are very much appreciated! Through out the years, I've been changing my blog's look. So, now here is the most recent look. I guess specially made for October. Hihi

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1) The new template.
I always like white base. It makes my blog look clean and people would not get headache if they want to read my entry. Well, white also nice background for the pictures. Hehe.

2) Disabled right-click
I've seen somewhere on other blogs (I won't put their link) that a few of my pictures from all my previous vacations been taken without my acknowledgement. Well, I'm not cruel you know. You could just ask me instead of stealing. Yeah, it is still stealing!

Some said that I should add watermarks. I did that already but my watermarks always on left bottom of pictures. They cropped it. Now, the best solution is add watermark + disabled the right click on my page. Well, u left me no choice.

3) The header is pink!
I never used that hot pink as header. Ever. So, just simply try. Well, I think it looks nice. Right? Haha.

4) Less posts per page
Before this I think I put 7 posts per page. But now it's only 4. My current template take about a minute to finish loading. So I think by reducing posts per page, I can increase the speed for this page to load. Yeke mcm tu? Pandai2 je ni..hihi

One thing, do you think the font for posts is too small?? I need your opinion. For me it is fine. But you readers are more important since you guys are the one who're gonna read my post :D

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