Saturday, October 09, 2010

Musical Instruments

First, I can play the piano. I've started taking classes when I was in Standard 3. What got me interested to play? I always watched a girl at my school play really well. And I kinda like "why not? it's not that hard". I was wrong. At least during my beginner's stage. Playing piano u need to hard work and always practicing.

my mum's gift! ;)

I've took lesson until Grade 6. The complete grade is until 8 but if u have at least until Grade 5, u should be able to play well. I like to play the classical pieces but modern genre also would not be a problem. But still, need time to practice before everything is perfect. My favorite piece would be the Beethoven's, Fur Elise to be specific.

But nowadays, I rarely play the piano. Well, most of the time, I'll be at campus and not at home. So, I can't take the piano everywhere I go. It's heavy! Haha.

my dad's gift! hee

Second, I can play the guitar. But I can play it when I was 18 after I finished my matrix. Since, I got nothing to do at home, I figured why not add one more instrument which I can play. Besides, if u already can play piano and can read music notes, it is easier ;)

Well, between the piano and guitar, I play the piano better. It's easier to see the keys than the strings. Hehe

My future instrument I would love to play >>>> the drum! miahahaha ;D


Teh Tarik Drinker said...

keep learning! it would be cool to learn as many instruments possible.

Aiza Aidid said...

yup.. sure. i will! ;)

Ariff Suffian said...

Come on guitars are cooler! You can't carry a piano around haha. Drums are easy, definitely have a go at it!

ken said...

i can play the saxophone =)

Aiza Aidid said...

ariff: piano still my 1st choice.. hehe. drums tu maen2 je.. xdela nk maen pon.. haha

ken: really?? cool la! ;)

amalina said...

haaa T_T teringin nak belajar main piano n gitar tapi da besar2 cam ni susah la nak cari time free untuk belajar heheh

Aiza Aidid said...

ahahaha.. amal ni.. leh je.. meh dtg umh kte blaja..hehe =D