Movie, Shopping, and All Others

October 07, 2010

Since I'm on sem break, I have a lot of time :D On Tuesday, I went out with my best friend, tengok movie, makan, shopping, gosip. You know, girls stuffs. Haha. But, my brother tagged along. And seriously, this is the first time when I offered him to tag along and he agreed. Yup, luckily, he already knew my best friend since he was a little boy. So no awkwardness there! Oh yeah, my brother definitely not a sissy! haha.

us ;)

my bro.

We watched Wallstreet, Money Never Sleeps. Overall, it's okay I guess. Its easy to understand since I've learnt the investments and finances papers. well, at least I understood what they're saying about the bull & bear markets, insider trading etc2. Haha! Believe me, I've read reviews on that movie, and so many reviews said this "I don't understand a damn thing about all the investments jargon". Me, no comment about that. Usually, public would have at least a little general knowledge right? ;)

Then, we went to Boston. Yup, I kinda like the food there. besides steam boat, there are some side dishes that you can order. And the price ranges are very affordable. And it is very comfortable. For dating pun best kat situ, based on my experience. Hahaha!

lamb chop. haish.. now I'm hungry!

The shopping thing, as always, this is nearly middle of the month, so not much pocket money. Hehe. By the way, I scored a red shades with a few shirts. Not in the mood to go all out for shopping. Maybe, because baru lepas raya kan shopping hari tu. But, I would shop again before this new semester open.

p/s: Assume this is also the post for Day 3 - the most recent place I went.

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