Green Grasses, Blue Skies.

October 06, 2010


Sometimes she would just keep quiet. Even among her greatest companions.
At some other times, she just loves jumping around, laugh out loud.
Even among strangers she would throws her sweetest smile.

But, all this is eating her up. To be on the opposite extreme moods at two different time really sucking all the fun out of her. No doubt that she also feel guilty of making her love worried about her.

She now lay down on the green grasses. Her white shades hiding the true stories that she kept inside from the outsiders. There's a say, eyes don't lie. So wear something to hide them.

Well, the world have got enough problems. Why would I add mine? That's her. Always trying to keep everything inside for herself. Even, the consequences would be a major disaster to her. Trying to help others while herself would be burned down. As always. When will she learn?

Looking up to the blue skies, she just want time to stop. At least for a moment. To let her live in sunshine, swim the sea and breath the wild air. If not forever, a day would be more than enough.


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