Friends' Descriptions About The Writer

October 12, 2010

Okay, I can't remember when was the last time I asked my friend to describe me. It's a long time ago and I don't like asking people this; "Hey, what do u think of me?" Seriously, I think what people think sometimes not that accurate. So, I would asked my besties or my boyfriend ONLY. Well, when I asked a few of my besties, they said either one of these:

  • Independent (very!)
  • A good friend
  • Good listener and apparently a good advisor.
  • Sweet and caring (haha! this one would be from him)

There are a few more but those above are the most frequent ones I've heard. I admitted that I am very independent. My parents taught me well in being independent. Maybe I'm the eldest child and I don't prefer to be childish. Haha! And being independent doesn't mean be brave for no reason, it should be wise in everything u do ;)

A good friend huh? I don't know how they came up with this but for sure I have a few close friends that I keep around me for a very long time. I do have disagreements with my besties but the relationship is too valuable to be thrown away. FYI, being good friends doesn't mean u need to agree with each others all the time. I usually said the truth if I don't like certain things. So, what they said probably true then ;)

I am caring naturally. But I am extra caring when it comes to the people I love. But, once I stop cared for u, it just means one thing, u are no longer the VVIP in my life. See, I'm not that complicated.

But I'm not perfect. Besides, my friends' descriptions, I do have flaws. In fact, quite a number of them.

  • Sometimes I am tempered.
  • Jealous girlfriend (on certain things) ;p
  • Stubborn
So, to those who put up with my negative behaviour, TQVM. I love u people!

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