Sunday, October 10, 2010

Assorted Wishes And I'm Officially 22!

Starting off with the family...

the sister

the brother

the cousin.

Then, come the friends...
either MMU friends, school friends
my matrix's friends ;)

Not to be forgotten
even the lecturer,
yup kinda weird though ;p

The ex roommates
and the current one ;)

matrix's roommate

1st yr roommate


And now says hello to
one of the besties..

Of course I saved the most special
for the last one

beloved partner ;)

p/s: Million thanks to others too for ur wishes. Tak muat nak letak kat sini banyak2. Hehe


zzanyy said...

Happy Birthday! ;D

Aiza Aidid said...

thank u! =)

lan_ax said...

then the blogger turns.. hapy besday..

Aiza Aidid said...

owh..haha.. tenkiu! =)

ken said...

happy birthday! =)

Aiza Aidid said...

thanks ken ;)

amalina said...

ish~ selamat tak nampak komen2 ngarot yang banyak tu ahahaha

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. xdela nk prnt scrn yg ngarot2 kan.. ;p