Sunday, October 31, 2010

Real Meaning for Most Used Break up Lines

Okay, not to be the insensitive to those whom currently having the heart breaks. It's just that I found this on Tumblr. For me, the truth always better. No need for all the lame excuses =) Yes, truth is harsh but it's always better than sweet lies. Remember that always.

For those people whom been left alone, remember this:

"The people whom walked away from u aren't bad, they're just not interesting enough to be in the chapters of your life."

But, I'm currently happy with my love, and hope it remains that way. For u,

"I fall in love many times, but always with the same person."

These 2 quotes, originally mine. Thank you =)

Random-me Facts

I've got this tag from Mya. Thanks sebab bagi idea for new post! haha =)

The rule: Once u have been tagged, u are supposed to write a note, with 25 random things, habits or goal about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged, u have to tagged the person who tagged u.

this is the real look of the blogger.
the fact that my cheeks are chubby. Haha

1) Aiza Aidid is my blogger's name only. My real name is too long that's why I didn't use it. It's the combination of my last name and my dad's childhood name. Every1 thought 'Aidid' is my boyfriend's name. U are wrong people. Hahaha!

2) People always mistaken me to be a secondary student. Personally, I don't think I look that young ;p I'm actually 22 years old.

3) I'm 4th year student of accounting, which makes me the final year/the senior/ other similars names. Haha! Fyi readers, dekat MMU, budak2 final year dorang panggil Epsilon students. hehe

4) My blog is in English just because I like to write in simple sentences. Bukan sebab malu or apa2 untuk blogging dalam BM. Saya rase kalau saya blogging dalam BM, lagi banyak saya rosakkan bahasa, sebab nanti memang akan banyak sangat kesalahan tatabahasa T_T

5) I love texting with that special person. The average number in my inbox are 500 per week!

6) I'm planning to continue my studies in ACCA, a professional qualification for accounting, after graduating. Sebab tinggal lagi 5 paper je boleh dapat dah ACCA, lucky that I'm MMU-ians since boleh dapat banyak exemption papers! Most probably, do it part time basis since my priority is to work and gained experience first ;)

7) I love music. Very much! But please not pop music. Preferably music like Daughtry, Paramore etc.

8) Talking about music, I can play both the piano and the guitar. But if I want to compare between those two, I can play the piano better since I played it when I was 8 years old ;)

9) I like to read English fiction novels. Every month I would buy one or two books and I keep those books on my shelf since I made them as my collections. Also I'm keeping it for my kids later on. Haha!

10) Hah! Through out my years in using hand phones since I was 15, I only use 1 nokia and 3 Sony Ericsson. And all the SE phone are the walkman type. So, now u know which brand I prefer. Hehe!

11) I don't own any camera :( Yeah, except the camera in my phone.

12) But I do have a video camera. Sony ape tah, tak ingat la series die. I used it to experiment new effects on video editing. Yup, I like to do the editing stuff including Photoshop pictures =) So sape2 nak mintak tolong bole la. Macam pandai sangat je. Haha!

13) Saya tak boleh belajar bahasa yang tulisan die bukan Roman type. I've learned Korean before and I failed. But when I learnt French, I feel it is easy. Even for my oral test, I've got full marks ;)

14) I undergone eyes operation when I was 6.

15) I wear specs as early as 5 years old. I have eyes problem or to be exact, my right eye is damaged masa kecik2 dulu sebab kena demam panas. But takpe, kira lagi untung kalau compared with blind people. At least, I can still see. That's why I feel really grateful =)

16) I'm the eldest of four siblings which I have 2 sisters and a brother. I treated them all like my friends. I'm not the fierce-sister type. But sometime I am. Haha!

17) I like to eat!!! But with quite high metabolism, my weight don't always go up more than 52kg. It's balanced with my height which is about 164cm =)

18) But but but.. even my body isn't fat, my cheeks are quite chubby. I think all the fat from the food went there. Haha!

19) Naturally, I'm a quiet person. Some thought me as a cold person. I'm not, but just shy. With the close people, I am talkative! =)) Maybe, that is one of the reason I have this blog as my medium to talk to people.

20) I'm not the girlish type of girl. I don't wear make ups, put on fake eye lashes or wear 6 inches heels. I'm very simple person. I only took 10 minutes to get ready every day. Haha!

21) But I like cute stuffs. You would know this if u read my post on XL lipstick. Haha!

22) My favourite colours, I always like anything which is white, black or grey.

23) Many other girls would prefer roses. I would love lilies and it must be white lilies =)

24) To make a comparison, I'm good in analytical subjects but worse in memorizing subjects. I guess that's why I score A for all my finance papers and no A the reading paper. Haha!

25) I am already taken =) I guess this one u know. Hihi

Okay, tak tahu la nak tag sape. Korang mesti malas kan. Haha! So, macam ni lah, sape2 yang baca this post kat sini, and rasa2 nak buat, korang buat la. Then let me know so I can read yours! ;)

Friday, October 29, 2010

The Truth

...while the floors underneath our feet are crumbling
the walls we built together are tumbling...

..stop ignoring that our hearts are mourning
and let the rain come in..

Currently most listen song on my laptop =)
Nothing personal, I just like this song and also Kris Allen. Haha!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

When the right time to have a boyfriend/girlfriend?

During my semester break about 2 weeks ago, I hang out with my best friend. At the mall, we saw a few couples there and these couples were wearing their school uniforms. I don't know others' takes about this, but for me when u're in school you should not be in a relationship. It is not the right time for you yet.

First of all, u are still a kid. You know, 14 or 15 years old is the age u should study and enjoy with your friends. I don't have a boyfriend when I was in school (admirers yes, but no serious boyfriends). I don't feel the need to have one at that time. Simply because, I've got many other things to do like go for tuition, play sports, piano classes etc2. Plus, I'm scared of my mum if she found out about that..haha! (joking2)

Ok2, back to the story, maybe u think u're mature enough, and u can handle the problems in a relationship, u are so wrong. In case a problem occurred, u would feel demotivated to study, sad all the time. Why would u want that kind of pressure at that very young age? Instead you should enjoy your life to the fullest ;)

And one more thing, relationship during school is just puppy love. Rarely, it would lasts. But, there are a few which lasts and for them congrats =) To the rest, well, it's just a waste of time.

When is the right time? My dad always said, do not find love because the right one would always come to u. And for me it did. It came when I was 19. Compared to these days kids who have a boyfriend at the age of 12, I'm considered old when I have my steady boyfriend ;)

And until now I'm still with the same person. I believe that once u're matured enough, u are ready then. Mature enough in terms of even when there's a problem, u still can handle everything, and it would not interfere with your studies and all.

To my youngest sister, please do not follow this kind of peer pressure. Just enjoy your teens life as u should and having a boyfriend is not included in that list =)

p/s: Okay, lepas ni mesti ade budak skola tak puas ati. Sorry, but sakit mata la tengok kalau kat mall tu budak2 skola yg camni. Haih

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Full-of-food weekend!

Saturday, steamboat with the best friend at Boston. It's lunch time and I am hungry. So I order the single set with the meat. Haha! And when I'm here, I always order the Blue Curacao with Lemon! If you read my previous posts, it is a drink which is blue in colour =) Justify Full

By the way bff, have a safe journey to Egypt and I'll see you next year.

Sunday, a day with the family. But we do not dine-in the house. Haha!

Roasted chicken salad. Look simple but seriously,

I like this. It's called Tropical something, a mixed of pineapple and oranges!

Oh, talking about dining outside, we supposed to go to Johnny's on Sunday. But as my parents entered the shop, the waitress with harsh tone said this "Bape orang? Table for six je ade. Tak cukup orang tak boleh amek seat."

Okay, we are only four people at that time.

Well, first of all we are your customers. No need to treat your customers that way. Plus, if it's already full, the put a sign outside your shop "Full House".

With a similar price, steamboat at Boston are more delicious and the place are way more comfortable than yours. It's just my opinion.

If you want to know which Johnny's outlet I'm talking about, it is the one in Jusco Bukit Raja Klang.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Kids these days

Bukak facebook.

Tibe2 penuh notifications. Ingatkan kawan2 komen kat wall post or gambar.
Tapi, baru perasan, kat news feed, "nadyra aiza is added to a group by this-one-girl". Ok, takpe lagi sebab ingat group ni ok or just to say I thought it's something beneficial.

Oh, menyesal je bukak sebab group tu dibuat hanya untuk suka2. Citer pasal gossip, boys etc..wth?! Sorry, I do not entertain such things. Chatting history pun citer pasal benda mengarut2 je.

Tolong jangan buat benda2 macam ni bole? I don't want to sound u directly because u're my 15 year old cousin. Paling menyampah tu, menyemakkan inbox email je!

Tak faham aku orang macam ni. Tau dah abes PMR and awak tu boring. But please get a life. If u want to talk to your friends just chat with them or whatever. Tak payah sampai nak buat group sume2 and pandai2 add kan orang kat your group. Membazir masa je.


Sunday, October 24, 2010

Warning Labels

This is a warning label on a washing machine.
Emphasize on this sentence: Do not put any person in this washer.
Yeah, as if u can put any person in any washer.
Unless u have bad intention. Hurm??

Next, this warning is found on a razer scooter.
It says, "this product moves when used"
Of course it is! We all know that. Haha ;)

"Do not eat iPod shuffle".
Hurm.. interesting. Like it is chew-able.
I guess they just ran out of idea on what to write as warning labels.

Yeah.. that could be very dangerous.
But holding chainsaw?? Seriously..

Well, some warning labels! But most of us don't really pay attention to that. And that includes me. I only pay attention when I think that the product is dangerous. Otherwise, I don't. But anyway, don't follow my style, it's better to read instructions/ warnings carefully.

Now, take care readers!
I'll see u some other time =)

Friday, October 22, 2010

One word

I've been waiting for you for quite some time now.
Only today, you showed it all.
One word to say


So grateful that I've passed it all.
So happy that it still within my target range.
Hopefully, it'll not fall below it
until I've graduated.
I'm in my final sem ;)

p/s: I'm talking about my result. Hee~

I'm happy at this moment =)

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Three in a Row

I haven't been updating this challenge for a few days. So, now I've got the time, so I'm gonna answer all 3 questions in one entry. Haha! *boleh plak mcm tuh*

1) Where are you studying? What course?

Ok2. The first part, I'm studying at Multimedia University (MMU) Cyberjaya. I guess most people know MMU, right? Sape taktau sila google. Hehe ;p I've been here since January 2008 up till now.

So, I'm a final year degree accounting student. And I'm going for my 6 months internship starting on March 2011. Hopefully everything went well ;)

2) Events to do before 2010 ends.

Let's see, for a starter, my matrix's friends asked me to plan a reunion for our class. Okay, that's already started. Then, to see the boyfriend, in a few weeks from now. Then, lastly, my family is planning to go on a vacation which usually cannot be done because there will be at least one of the family members is not available at that particular time. All these are in planning, and I really want all these to happen. Please (^_^)

3) What is your 2010 aim? Did you achieve it?

I rarely do this yearly aims at the beginning of the every year. What I can say is that, I achieved in becoming a better person. Thank you. Haha

Okay, this is like answering the interview session. I'm actually talking to myself while typing all these. Nut luckily for me, my roommate is currently out. So, no one is here to see me talking to myself =) I really like to mumble alone too. Sorry, if that creeps you out. On the other point, I'm not crazy just have lots of ideas to be said ;p

Variety of Contact Lenses

These are some of the contact lenses I've found when I google about it last week. Well, some are okay and there are a few which I think scary looking rather than cute. I don't know, different people, different taste. Right? ;)

Dragon-looked contact lenses. Why on earth do anyone wants to have this kind of eyes?
It's scary. Not at all a nice view.

Aha! Yes, this one is cool. It's an electronic circuit contact lenses.

Hello-kitty contact lenses. Trying to look cute?
Well, this may not be suitable for anyone.
And definitely not for myself ;)

Sparkling contact-lenses. It makes your eyes a little
more shinier than usual. Yup, would be my taste.
Plus, it looks normal. Haha!

Well, one thing though, do you guys think that this contact lenses are real? Yeah, I know there are fashionable contact lenses, but these above looked like being edited. I'm not stating that they are edited, because I'm not sure. But being curious it's not wrong either.

Good day, people!
Will update more.

Image from: Google

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Too cute To be Eaten!

I L.O.V.E ...
to eat. And for sure I love food!

But too cute food.. I don't have the heart to eat :( How can u eat if there's a cute bear or cute panda staring at you!

Oh, back to the story about food, I don't believe in diet. I've gained a few kilograms when I was in Form 2, 4 and a few months at matrix but then all the fats would get lost on their own. I don't know how. Perhaps, when u don't focus on how much u weight, and just eat accordingly then there would not be any pressure. So, your body would not feel any stress. Macam tu la kot. Haha.

Source: Google and Tumblr

Ok, another story, a few days back, I went to my roommate's house for her BBQ and a friend of mine asked me this, "Aiza, nape makin kurus? U tak makan ek?" I just smiled. I don't know how to answer that kind of question. I tak makan Nana? Salah orang la u tanya macam tu. Hehe :D

Okay, 1st pic, I just arrived. Well, my friend there busy asking to take pics. So okay la =p
"Hish.. org nak makan ni taw.. haha".
Well that's what I said silently!

The 2nd pic, this what my bf said muke kenyang. Hahaha!
Maybe it's true.

p/s: Both pics I sat down. I'm too full to stand up. Haha
p/s/s: That just showed how much I love to eat. Tq =)

Mood: Stressful. Hopefully, everything will be fine. I AM SCARED.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

XL Lipstick; Every Girl Must Have!

Recently, I turned 22 right? For my readers, they knew this from this post. Well, when u at this age, not much of gifts are expected. Normally the gifts are in terms of money as your birthday token. Am I right? Yeah, I knew it! Hehe. But, I got the cake I want from Bakers Cottage and it's not expensive as Secret Recipe's. Sorry, not really a fan of SR these days. Haha!

Okay, personally, I don't prefer money. But since my parents had no idea what to give me anymore, I just accept it. But to my boyfriend and siblings, this is a reminder, i want presents okay? hahahaha *gile tak malu* ;D

So here are some of the gifts I've got. Actually all are from my youngest sister, since she now has quite a lot of money (duet raye tak habes lagi la tuh! kahkah). All below, except the novels which I bought using the token money. Well, thank u so much for the presents! :D

Oh, do u notice something?

Well, see carefully... now tell me what is it?

Huh, I can't hear you!! Giant what?? Haha

Seriously, it is a giant lipstick! I got it as a gift from my sister. Haha. Well, whether it is a real lipstick or not, u may judge it yourself ;)

Okay, now zoom in

It is a strawberry lipstick flavor. Hah! Of course it is not a real lipstick. It is actually the moneybox a.k.a tabung. I think most girls like this. I asked the shop and this is one of the fast selling items. The day we went to the shop, there are only 3 units left! Besides cute, it is also useful. I like to keep coins so now it's almost full. Nak gi beli lagi la with other flavors. Haha!

p/s: I've told u I like cute stuffs.
p/s/s: The stuffs are not expensive at all! ;D

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Friends' Descriptions About The Writer

Okay, I can't remember when was the last time I asked my friend to describe me. It's a long time ago and I don't like asking people this; "Hey, what do u think of me?" Seriously, I think what people think sometimes not that accurate. So, I would asked my besties or my boyfriend ONLY. Well, when I asked a few of my besties, they said either one of these:

  • Independent (very!)
  • A good friend
  • Good listener and apparently a good advisor.
  • Sweet and caring (haha! this one would be from him)

There are a few more but those above are the most frequent ones I've heard. I admitted that I am very independent. My parents taught me well in being independent. Maybe I'm the eldest child and I don't prefer to be childish. Haha! And being independent doesn't mean be brave for no reason, it should be wise in everything u do ;)

A good friend huh? I don't know how they came up with this but for sure I have a few close friends that I keep around me for a very long time. I do have disagreements with my besties but the relationship is too valuable to be thrown away. FYI, being good friends doesn't mean u need to agree with each others all the time. I usually said the truth if I don't like certain things. So, what they said probably true then ;)

I am caring naturally. But I am extra caring when it comes to the people I love. But, once I stop cared for u, it just means one thing, u are no longer the VVIP in my life. See, I'm not that complicated.

But I'm not perfect. Besides, my friends' descriptions, I do have flaws. In fact, quite a number of them.

  • Sometimes I am tempered.
  • Jealous girlfriend (on certain things) ;p
  • Stubborn
So, to those who put up with my negative behaviour, TQVM. I love u people!

Monday, October 11, 2010

What I Miss About My Childhood

1) I missed the whole-day-play-time. Kids like to play the whole time right? SO DO I!! hehe ;D As a kid I usually play hide and seek with my sister. She's 2 years younger than me. Well, at least I can cheated her during any games since she's not that smart at that time. Haha.

2) I missed the bicycle rides with my grandpa. This is one of the things I really missed. Every morning, I would go to the grocery shop with him. He would put me in the rattan-seat (it's like kids' seat but for bicycle, I think) and then he would cycled. Then, at the shop I can buy any sweets or chocolates that I want. Well, it is always grandpa's treats. Haha!

3) I missed my doll. Or to be specific my dolls. I have a few dolls but they are all the same. It's always the pinkish cheek with fluffy hair. I like that doll because when I go to sleep, I like to play with its cheek and then I fall asleep. How I get so many? Every time, the old doll is out of shape, or even when I was sick, my aunt or parents would buy a new one. The EXACT new one. I have a name for it but now forgot about it.

Overall my childhood is one of the best memories. Without having to deal with adult problems, it is simple. Don't u think?

Now, let's take a look at this picture and see if u can guess which one of them is me. The clue, I'm the cutest. And I look like a boy. Hahaha!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Childhood TV Program

Like any other kids, of course I love cartoons! But, besides that, I like these two shows. Its like a must-show to see every week. Usually, both are on during the weekend.

First, I like to watch Power Rangers. I started to love the show when my dad brought back the movie at home. At that time there are no CD yet but only the large disks. Well, it was around 1994/95. Haha!


I love this show because they have all the cool powers. Well, at that time I think those powers are cool. Plus, they all have weapons that can destroyed all sort of monsters. I even have the plastic weapons (toys) that I asked my parents to buy for me so that I can be the power rangers. Haha!


But my favourite would always be the pink power rangers. I don't know why. I just like her. Maybe I like pink at that time. That, I can't remember ;)


The other show which I love would be the Doraemon. Not only that, I even like to read the comics. Of course, I like Doraemon because it has the multipurpose pocket right..hihi. Plus Doraemon is cute and so round! Yup, I still remember I used to sleep with my Doraemon doll at night. Oh, now not anymore ok ;p

Assorted Wishes And I'm Officially 22!

Starting off with the family...

the sister

the brother

the cousin.

Then, come the friends...
either MMU friends, school friends
my matrix's friends ;)

Not to be forgotten
even the lecturer,
yup kinda weird though ;p

The ex roommates
and the current one ;)

matrix's roommate

1st yr roommate


And now says hello to
one of the besties..

Of course I saved the most special
for the last one

beloved partner ;)

p/s: Million thanks to others too for ur wishes. Tak muat nak letak kat sini banyak2. Hehe

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Musical Instruments

First, I can play the piano. I've started taking classes when I was in Standard 3. What got me interested to play? I always watched a girl at my school play really well. And I kinda like "why not? it's not that hard". I was wrong. At least during my beginner's stage. Playing piano u need to hard work and always practicing.

my mum's gift! ;)

I've took lesson until Grade 6. The complete grade is until 8 but if u have at least until Grade 5, u should be able to play well. I like to play the classical pieces but modern genre also would not be a problem. But still, need time to practice before everything is perfect. My favorite piece would be the Beethoven's, Fur Elise to be specific.

But nowadays, I rarely play the piano. Well, most of the time, I'll be at campus and not at home. So, I can't take the piano everywhere I go. It's heavy! Haha.

my dad's gift! hee

Second, I can play the guitar. But I can play it when I was 18 after I finished my matrix. Since, I got nothing to do at home, I figured why not add one more instrument which I can play. Besides, if u already can play piano and can read music notes, it is easier ;)

Well, between the piano and guitar, I play the piano better. It's easier to see the keys than the strings. Hehe

My future instrument I would love to play >>>> the drum! miahahaha ;D

Friday, October 08, 2010

Weird Vending Machines

1) Anger Release Vending Machine

What is this?
We're talking about anger management here. It is a vending machine which has small China pieces. Customers may purchase these pieces for them to break in order to channel their anger out of their heads.

Invented by : Yarisal & Kublitz

I think it is one of the good way to manage your anger IF at that time of purchase the customer still able to think straight. If the other way around, the customer might be vandalizing the machine instead of buying the China pieces. Who knows right? ;)

2) Marijuana Vending Machine

What is this?
It is a vending machine selling medical marijuana. It is not like u can go get your drugs more easier by having that machine. There are quite numbers of procedure you need to follow. The main point is there must be prescription approved by doctor. And it's available 24/7!

Location: Los Angeles

Well, in terms of safety, there are 2 guards there. But still, a good thing might be misuse. Its all depends on how it is used.

3) Bicycle Vending Machine

What is this?
It allows you to rent bicycle at one point and drop it off at another machine's spot. It also have RFID (radio frequency identification), so don't think of stealing it as that bike can be traced. Haha!

Invented by: Springtime Bike Dispenser, a Dutch Company.

4) Umbrella and Cameras

What is this?
It is just a machine that helps the people who are in need. The target group would be the tourists who forget to bring cameras or trapped in heavy rain. Well, it is a cute machine! hehe :D

Other location that it can be found: Japan

I stumbled upon this topic on Yahoo. There are other weird vending machines. You can find it here.

Credit: All images about this post are also taken there.