Towards The End.

September 28, 2010

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"Ma mere n'aime pas ecouter de la musique.
Mais mon pere jaime ecouter de la musique.
...J'ai un frere et deux soeurs.
Ma soeur as livres beaucoup. Elle aime lire."

Those are a few lines which I wrote for my French paper which I seated last Sunday. I supposed to write 2 essays of 100 - 150 words. So, there are another sentences but right now they're already out of my mind. Entah betul ke tak tulis tu. Haha!

Why I choose French:
I have the weakness to understand languanges which are not in Roman alphabet.
Well, except tulisan jawi la kan. Yang tu boleh plak baca and tulis. hehe
I mean like Korean/ Japanese, it's difficult to write and speak.
Plus, French kinda sexy to speak. Muahahaha!
So after this, I can go to France without worrying about the communication barrier. Macam terer sangat je! :D

By the way, since it's just a pass/fail subject, hopefully I'll pass.

Oh, another thing, during my paper on Monday, the guy beside me kept on glancing on my answer paper. Subject Adv Audit mcm mane la ko nak tiru. Haha! But, that's not what I'm gonna tell u. After an hour, I accidentally caught him take a look at his notes in his pocket shirt!

Personally, I don't favor cheaters. But, it's their risks and I'm too busy to finished all the questions. I can understand copying during quizzes or mid terms. But during finals?? Hell, you're sure have all the guts to do it. Luckily u didn't get caught, if not suspended 1 academic year dude.

I'm still in exam week. Since there's no long gap this time between one exam with the next one, I'm kind of don't have the mood to do the usual stuff; facebook, blogging etc. Those I only checked once a day. Sometimes I don't even checked them.

So far, I've settled for 3 papers. Not much to comment so just wait the results. Nak cakap lebih2 nanti orang cakap nak tunjuk pandai. Tak komen pape nanti orang cakap lain pulak. Sometimes it's better to be silent for certain things :)

Another 2 papers. The most scariest is on Friday.

Hello taxation II.
Be as nice as u can to me.

Later people! =)

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