Tomorrow's Story

September 02, 2010

My campus kinda empty now. Ramai dah wat cuti sendiri kot. Haha! By the way, I'm planning to cut class on Monday. So, anyway tomorrow is the last class I'll be attending. But still, the last classes are the most tiring.

At 8 a.m (pagi sangat okay! ish2) I've got a quiz which carries 15 marks on PERT Analysis. Usually at this time I'm pretty much asleep. Thinking to ask my bf to call me and wakes me up. Seriously, memang takut terbangun lambat. Dah biase sem ni sume kelas start pukul 12 ke atas. Haha! yes, i admit I'm not a morning person.

Then, erm.. petang around 3p.m I've got French class. But actually it's just for the 2 quizzez and a listening test. Supposedly semua test2 French ni dah setel lame dah. But since dah tuka lecturer and the previous lecturer terlupa nak tinggalkan all the recorded marks, so the only option left is to retake everything! Not a very favorable option for me. Haih :/ And the last one is the drama. Mase practice pun gelak2 camne ni. But luckily, tak payah hafal. Boleh bawak kertas mase present. I LIKE the lecturer. Haha!
Oh, yes honey, I'll try to record a video for u to laugh ok. ;p

After class, of course.. BALIK KLANG! =))

The part yang memang tak sabar nak tunggu. Hah, maybe tak sabar sebab planning nak shopping raya! hehehe.

Sedap kan sedap kan. Hahaha! =)
Yes, rase nak makan 2 benda ni.
I love junkies so what? ;p

p/s: Please let him arrives safely.

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