Syawal '10 and Food Poisoning

September 12, 2010

1st day

Woke up early in the morning. Mood raye kan..hihi.
Most of this day is a lot of pic with the family.
Ramai orang datang umah ;)

Muke time pagi2. Bersih je, takde minyak2. Oh,
wait for other pics. Oily giler muke. Haha

Me: Oh yeah! Dwet raye! :D

And of course there must be pics with the siblings kan..

2nd day

Started like normal day. But around 3 pm, I started vomiting and I took about 8 times to go to the toilet. I became a regular customer to the toilet for about 2 hours. Until my body dehydrated. Urghh.. I've got food poisoning. Damn u chicken rendang! Then, this infected my mum and my youngest sister. Finally, that night, I went to the clinic to get some medicine and my sister got her injection. The funny part is she cried loudly and the doctor don't know what to do. She's 12 by the way. Haha!

3rd day

Everything seemed fine. People still keep on coming. Mostly are the relatives. Well, when many people came, the common questions they asked is that,

"Ni dah abes study ke?
"Dah ade boyfriend? Bile nak kawen?" Justify Full

But most frequent asked questions are:

"Ni form berape?"
"Ni skang matrikulasi kat mane?"
(nak je jawab, tu dah bape thn lepas pak cik..hehe)

Hahaha.. I know my face kinda look young. Maybe because I don't wear heavy make up. Just some lip gloss and eye liner. That's why I look like a kid. Well, sape2 nak nampak muda, there you go, jangan pakai make up. Haha!

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