No More These Kind of TV Shows During RAYA!

September 07, 2010

I've seen quite a number of TV commercials about the TV shows during the raya. Usually from the 1st Raya until about a week plus there are a lot of TV shows and movies shown on the TV. But but but.. out of those shows and movies, only a few worth watching. The rest are.... just say, killed the Raya mood.

1) Cerita sedih
Why you associate Raya with 40 kind of sadness. Come on, during this time you should feel happy and grateful. NOT sad. Every year, ada je cerita sedih2 macam ni. Tolong la, time raya orang nak happy2 la!

2) Cerita hantu
Hah! Ni lagi satu. Dah la tiap-tiap minggu pun ade je drama or movie hantu kat TV, takkan time Raya pun nak gak ada. But I guess, people also like to watch those kind of movies. If no demand, no supply.

3) Cerita hindustan
Adoi.. simply says, not appropriate okay. Macam memang tak ade kena mengena pun ngan Raya. So why on Earth do TV stations offered these??

I only like funny TV shows, banyak2 cerita lawak. Banyak gelak= happy = Mood Raya!

But one thing, time Raya gi lah beraya, bukan dok depan TV tunggu every movies that you want to watch. Movies can be downloaded, in case you don't know.

p/s: Selamat Hari Raya. =)

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