Friday, September 10, 2010

Malam Raya 2010

Last weekend until yesterday

- Shopping with the boyfriend; scored a pair of jeans but eat a lot ;D

- Shopping with dad ; scored tops, handbag, a pair of shoes

- Shopping with my sister; her stuff + my shawls
- Shopping with my mum+auntie; I don't know why do I even followed them. Hehe

- Shopping for my bro + grandpa.

All these I went at different time and place. The result.. I'm exhausted. Penat kan shopping2 ni.. wat jadi lapo je.. haha! The conclusion, this year shopping is very last minute! But I guess it's okay lagi sebab baju kurung dah lama dah beli. Hihi ;)

The last day of fasting. I woke up early this morning to help my mum. I even accidentally got a cut while I'm cutting the onions. Nak cepat tadi :( Luckily, my house had been tidied up last week so not many things left to do.

This sister of mine had bought some bunga api. I don't know when she's gonna play since my mum insists(haha!) that she should continue to study after 2nd Raya.

Oh, nape kat tempat make up plak! fyi, i don't wear any ;)

Oh, buka pose petang tadi makan kambing+ ayam golek.. muahahaha!

On my FB page, many Raya's wishes. So, thanks a lot!

owner blog is on your right. hihi.

Selamat Hari Raya! =)

To my family, boyfriend, besties and friends,
sorry for any mistakes that I've made.

To my readers,
Sorry too for any harsh or inappropriate
entries that may offended you in any way.


p/s: All of the pics (except the 1st one) are taken during the bored time we had when our parents are browsing at the Parkson. Haha!