September 16, 2010

Almost seminggu dah raya kan but people still keep coming to my house. Penat giler tolong mama masak+ layan all the guests but it's okay. Raya pun kan. By the way, thanks to those who came. Oh, my friends haven't come but I guess after exam I akan buat one day for all my friends. Sabar ye korang.. huhu.

Oh, nak gi beraya kat umah kawan2 pun tak sempat. To those who invited me to their open houses, sorry sangat if I can't make it. Bukan tak nak datang, tapi tak sampai hati tengok my mum buat sume benda sorang2. =(

Today is a public holiday. Hari Malaysia kan. But semalam tengok berita, almost 90% tak tahu Hari Malaysia tuh ape. Most of them are the young generations. Hurm. Nak tinggal dalam Malaysia ni, at least tolong la ade some basic knowledge about this country. ;)

Lagi ape ek.. I cannot decide when to go back to Cyber. Probably on Monday. Makin lama study, makin banyak plak rase tak sure. Haish.. bahaya ni!

Arghhhh.. sangat malas but I might as well say this now.. Hello Final Exams! Be nice to me as possible. =)

p/s: Wish me luck people! hehe

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