Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Towards The End.

image: tumblr

"Ma mere n'aime pas ecouter de la musique.
Mais mon pere jaime ecouter de la musique.
...J'ai un frere et deux soeurs.
Ma soeur as livres beaucoup. Elle aime lire."

Those are a few lines which I wrote for my French paper which I seated last Sunday. I supposed to write 2 essays of 100 - 150 words. So, there are another sentences but right now they're already out of my mind. Entah betul ke tak tulis tu. Haha!

Why I choose French:
I have the weakness to understand languanges which are not in Roman alphabet.
Well, except tulisan jawi la kan. Yang tu boleh plak baca and tulis. hehe
I mean like Korean/ Japanese, it's difficult to write and speak.
Plus, French kinda sexy to speak. Muahahaha!
So after this, I can go to France without worrying about the communication barrier. Macam terer sangat je! :D

By the way, since it's just a pass/fail subject, hopefully I'll pass.

Oh, another thing, during my paper on Monday, the guy beside me kept on glancing on my answer paper. Subject Adv Audit mcm mane la ko nak tiru. Haha! But, that's not what I'm gonna tell u. After an hour, I accidentally caught him take a look at his notes in his pocket shirt!

Personally, I don't favor cheaters. But, it's their risks and I'm too busy to finished all the questions. I can understand copying during quizzes or mid terms. But during finals?? Hell, you're sure have all the guts to do it. Luckily u didn't get caught, if not suspended 1 academic year dude.

I'm still in exam week. Since there's no long gap this time between one exam with the next one, I'm kind of don't have the mood to do the usual stuff; facebook, blogging etc. Those I only checked once a day. Sometimes I don't even checked them.

So far, I've settled for 3 papers. Not much to comment so just wait the results. Nak cakap lebih2 nanti orang cakap nak tunjuk pandai. Tak komen pape nanti orang cakap lain pulak. Sometimes it's better to be silent for certain things :)

Another 2 papers. The most scariest is on Friday.

Hello taxation II.
Be as nice as u can to me.

Later people! =)

Friday, September 24, 2010

Know Your Laptop's Gender!

I'm studying for my exams but getting tired. So, I found this thing on facebook.
It's funny and dah ok sket ngantok.. haha. You should try it!

1) Open notepad and paste this sentence
CreateObject("SAPI.SpVoice").Speak"I love YOU"

2) Then click save. Change the save as type to All Files. It's easier to save at desktop.
Save as = love u.vbs

3) Close notepad once you saved it. Then, double click at the file. You'll hear a voice saying "i love u". Either it's a male or female. =)

By the way, my laptop is a male. Haha!

Okay, that's all. This is just for fun post while I'm taking a break during my study time =)

Thursday, September 16, 2010


Almost seminggu dah raya kan but people still keep coming to my house. Penat giler tolong mama masak+ layan all the guests but it's okay. Raya pun kan. By the way, thanks to those who came. Oh, my friends haven't come but I guess after exam I akan buat one day for all my friends. Sabar ye korang.. huhu.

Oh, nak gi beraya kat umah kawan2 pun tak sempat. To those who invited me to their open houses, sorry sangat if I can't make it. Bukan tak nak datang, tapi tak sampai hati tengok my mum buat sume benda sorang2. =(

Today is a public holiday. Hari Malaysia kan. But semalam tengok berita, almost 90% tak tahu Hari Malaysia tuh ape. Most of them are the young generations. Hurm. Nak tinggal dalam Malaysia ni, at least tolong la ade some basic knowledge about this country. ;)

Lagi ape ek.. I cannot decide when to go back to Cyber. Probably on Monday. Makin lama study, makin banyak plak rase tak sure. Haish.. bahaya ni!

Arghhhh.. sangat malas but I might as well say this now.. Hello Final Exams! Be nice to me as possible. =)

p/s: Wish me luck people! hehe

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Syawal '10 and Food Poisoning

1st day

Woke up early in the morning. Mood raye kan..hihi.
Most of this day is a lot of pic with the family.
Ramai orang datang umah ;)

Muke time pagi2. Bersih je, takde minyak2. Oh,
wait for other pics. Oily giler muke. Haha

Me: Oh yeah! Dwet raye! :D

And of course there must be pics with the siblings kan..

2nd day

Started like normal day. But around 3 pm, I started vomiting and I took about 8 times to go to the toilet. I became a regular customer to the toilet for about 2 hours. Until my body dehydrated. Urghh.. I've got food poisoning. Damn u chicken rendang! Then, this infected my mum and my youngest sister. Finally, that night, I went to the clinic to get some medicine and my sister got her injection. The funny part is she cried loudly and the doctor don't know what to do. She's 12 by the way. Haha!

3rd day

Everything seemed fine. People still keep on coming. Mostly are the relatives. Well, when many people came, the common questions they asked is that,

"Ni dah abes study ke?
"Dah ade boyfriend? Bile nak kawen?" Justify Full

But most frequent asked questions are:

"Ni form berape?"
"Ni skang matrikulasi kat mane?"
(nak je jawab, tu dah bape thn lepas pak cik..hehe)

Hahaha.. I know my face kinda look young. Maybe because I don't wear heavy make up. Just some lip gloss and eye liner. That's why I look like a kid. Well, sape2 nak nampak muda, there you go, jangan pakai make up. Haha!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Malam Raya 2010

Last weekend until yesterday

- Shopping with the boyfriend; scored a pair of jeans but eat a lot ;D

- Shopping with dad ; scored tops, handbag, a pair of shoes

- Shopping with my sister; her stuff + my shawls
- Shopping with my mum+auntie; I don't know why do I even followed them. Hehe

- Shopping for my bro + grandpa.

All these I went at different time and place. The result.. I'm exhausted. Penat kan shopping2 ni.. wat jadi lapo je.. haha! The conclusion, this year shopping is very last minute! But I guess it's okay lagi sebab baju kurung dah lama dah beli. Hihi ;)

The last day of fasting. I woke up early this morning to help my mum. I even accidentally got a cut while I'm cutting the onions. Nak cepat tadi :( Luckily, my house had been tidied up last week so not many things left to do.

This sister of mine had bought some bunga api. I don't know when she's gonna play since my mum insists(haha!) that she should continue to study after 2nd Raya.

Oh, nape kat tempat make up plak! fyi, i don't wear any ;)

Oh, buka pose petang tadi makan kambing+ ayam golek.. muahahaha!

On my FB page, many Raya's wishes. So, thanks a lot!

owner blog is on your right. hihi.

Selamat Hari Raya! =)

To my family, boyfriend, besties and friends,
sorry for any mistakes that I've made.

To my readers,
Sorry too for any harsh or inappropriate
entries that may offended you in any way.


p/s: All of the pics (except the 1st one) are taken during the bored time we had when our parents are browsing at the Parkson. Haha!

Tuesday, September 07, 2010

No More These Kind of TV Shows During RAYA!

I've seen quite a number of TV commercials about the TV shows during the raya. Usually from the 1st Raya until about a week plus there are a lot of TV shows and movies shown on the TV. But but but.. out of those shows and movies, only a few worth watching. The rest are.... just say, killed the Raya mood.

1) Cerita sedih
Why you associate Raya with 40 kind of sadness. Come on, during this time you should feel happy and grateful. NOT sad. Every year, ada je cerita sedih2 macam ni. Tolong la, time raya orang nak happy2 la!

2) Cerita hantu
Hah! Ni lagi satu. Dah la tiap-tiap minggu pun ade je drama or movie hantu kat TV, takkan time Raya pun nak gak ada. But I guess, people also like to watch those kind of movies. If no demand, no supply.

3) Cerita hindustan
Adoi.. simply says, not appropriate okay. Macam memang tak ade kena mengena pun ngan Raya. So why on Earth do TV stations offered these??

I only like funny TV shows, banyak2 cerita lawak. Banyak gelak= happy = Mood Raya!

But one thing, time Raya gi lah beraya, bukan dok depan TV tunggu every movies that you want to watch. Movies can be downloaded, in case you don't know.

p/s: Selamat Hari Raya. =)

Monday, September 06, 2010

Love and Obstacles

Saturday, 4/9/2010

"Hurm.. nak watpe ni?? Buke lambat lagi.."

"Snap pic la kan..hehe"

Okay.. dah penat amek gmba.. "Bile nak buke ni??" haha

Thanks sebab temankan shopping.
Thanks gak sebab buke pose same.
The 1st day dapat buke same but it is more than enough. ;)

Happy sebab dpt shopping.. hehe.
Oh, that's not my phone. Haha! =)

Ramadhan 25
Boston, Bkt Tinggi


To persons who always feel heartless
when hurting someone's significant other
U better stop it.
I know u've been stalking this blog,
So u'll probably read this.

I am patient, I would not sound directly
to you, girl,
My friends keep telling be I should just tell
u straight to your face to stop.
Still, I think I'm more mature and of course nicer than u.
Plus, I don't want to embarrass the love of my life by acting like
a total bitch.
But my patience has its limit.

Tak kisah la sape pun yang nak gedik
I know what kind of guy u are,
So, don't worry

I trust u ♥, always. And of course

Sunday, September 05, 2010

Something More

I always like Secondhand Serenade. Currently my fav =)

Saturday, September 04, 2010


Warning: I found this on facebook! ;D No offense okay,the person who wrote this maybe joking.

Why you should marry an Engineer Let me tell you why girls should eventually marry an engineer over a Law, Management, Arts or Medical School Graduate. He has three distinct advantages over the rest of the graduates.

Advantage 1: Secure lifestyle

An engineer boyfriend can provide you with a secure lifestyle. At 27 years old, an engineer probably has a respectable, stable job that gives him a high income to own a car, invest, have a comfortable life, and get married and buy a house

Law graduates are still working as a lowly apprentice in law firm.

Most management graduates have just failed on their first business plan.

The arts graduate is still looking for a job.

And the medical school graduate is still living in a hospital.

Advantage 2: Unmatchable industriousness

An engineer boyfriend will dedicate an unimaginable amount of his time and effort to understand you. Engineers strain really really hard to understand their work. You can believe that they will try really really hard to understand women too, just like how they understand their work, once they believe that you are the one. So even if they don't understand you initially, they will keep on trying. Even if they still do not understand, they will figure out the correct method to keep you happy (e.g. buy diamond ring = 1 week's worth of happiness.) And once they find out the secret formula, they will just keep on repeating it so that the desired results appear.

Unlike the Lawyer who will argue with you.

The Management graduate who will try to control your spending, The Arts graduate who will 'change major'.

And the medical school graduate who will operate on you.

And you know what, it's really so easy to make engineers believe that You are the 'one'. Say that you like one of their project and they will be hooked to you forever.

Advantage 3: An engineer boyfriend will never betray your trust.

Let me first tell you what is wrong with the rest of the others -

The lawyers will lie about everything.

Management graduates will cheat your money.

The arts graduate will flirt, and you probably just look like another cadaver to the medical school graduate.

Your engineer boyfriend is either too busy to have an affair, and even if he does, he is too dumb to lie to you about that. Hence, an engineer is the most secure boyfriend that you will ever find - rich enough, will keep on trying to understand and please you, has no time for affairs, and too dumb to lie to you. plus they r cooler than the others 

p/s: I consider myself lucky! hehehe =D Oh yes, my boyfriend is the best of all!

Thursday, September 02, 2010

Tomorrow's Story

My campus kinda empty now. Ramai dah wat cuti sendiri kot. Haha! By the way, I'm planning to cut class on Monday. So, anyway tomorrow is the last class I'll be attending. But still, the last classes are the most tiring.

At 8 a.m (pagi sangat okay! ish2) I've got a quiz which carries 15 marks on PERT Analysis. Usually at this time I'm pretty much asleep. Thinking to ask my bf to call me and wakes me up. Seriously, memang takut terbangun lambat. Dah biase sem ni sume kelas start pukul 12 ke atas. Haha! yes, i admit I'm not a morning person.

Then, erm.. petang around 3p.m I've got French class. But actually it's just for the 2 quizzez and a listening test. Supposedly semua test2 French ni dah setel lame dah. But since dah tuka lecturer and the previous lecturer terlupa nak tinggalkan all the recorded marks, so the only option left is to retake everything! Not a very favorable option for me. Haih :/ And the last one is the drama. Mase practice pun gelak2 camne ni. But luckily, tak payah hafal. Boleh bawak kertas mase present. I LIKE the lecturer. Haha!
Oh, yes honey, I'll try to record a video for u to laugh ok. ;p

After class, of course.. BALIK KLANG! =))

The part yang memang tak sabar nak tunggu. Hah, maybe tak sabar sebab planning nak shopping raya! hehehe.

Sedap kan sedap kan. Hahaha! =)
Yes, rase nak makan 2 benda ni.
I love junkies so what? ;p

p/s: Please let him arrives safely.

Wednesday, September 01, 2010

Silly Signs

I'm not in a good mood. So, one way to cheer myself up is by browsing the net to find amusing stuff. I found these pics seriously funny. Haha. Enjoy! =)

really?? taller than 9ft? If u're in a country full of giants,
this sign would be acceptable.

Yeah2.. i know what u are ;)
oh, but unless u mean 'mat' the malay name. LOL!


ahhh.. pity the kangaroos if humans act like that
every time they saw one. hehe!

p/s: People changed. What do I expect?