What People Don't Know

August 20, 2010

I've asked my close friends what they think about me and the answers are very independent, emotionally strong, fair, good advisor (how surprisingly..haha), talk a lot (eh?? hehe), laugh a lot and bla bla bla.

Okay, what they don't know about myself :

- Sensitive: Not always, but rarely. But if u did something very offensive at a very wrong time, u'll be surprised to see the tears that u think u never gonna see from me. But still, I don't recall when the last time this happened. So, I guess, I am always more happy than sensitive emo girl.

- Loud: I CAN be very open in voicing out my opinion and sometimes some people tend to see that this is an act of showing off. Well, that's not my intention. I like to talk to myself (not crazy ok!). It supposed to be done in low tone voice but instead I put the high pitch volume. Sorry.

- Impatient: Especially when I'm driving. Well, the witness is always my boyfriend. He knows what type of driver I am especially when there's some stupid driver in front of my car. Other stuff, I can still tolerate.

But, people MISTAKEN me to be :

- Snobbish: I am not okay. Try to know me and u'll see. I rarely talk to strangers unless I'm lost. I just don't know how to make new friends. It's something that caused by the Asperger's Syndrome which my sister think we both have it. Then, we did the test and it's showed the result.

- Naive : Not at all. I might be nice and always helpful to everyone but don't try to take advantage. One time maybe u'll get pass me. Another round of that, I'll make sure u'll regret it.

- the youngest child : Am I that young?? Haha. Sorry people, I am the eldest of 4 siblings. Haha!

Seriously I hate:

- Liars: I cannot tolerate this. Simply said, it betrays my trust. Once u betrayed it, sorry, no 2nd chance for u.

- Girls(or guys) who don't respect people's partners: Whether the partners = boyfriend, husband, fiance, I just hate this kind of girls. E.g of an act, gedik2 dengan boyfriend orang.

- Judgemental people: I don't like judging people. I expect others to do the the same for me.

p/s: I'm still stuck in campus because I got class at 9 tomorrow. On SATURDAY! 'yeay' ;)
p/s/s: One of my fav lecturers going for heart surgery. :(

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