Volcano-Vanilla- Something!

August 17, 2010

I forgot the name of this dessert.

Volcano something.. which is chocolate cake and top of it is some vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce! (sauce?? haha). Yeah2.. I know it's still early to think about food but I'm kinda craving for this thing again.

See, bila kat umah, anything I want to eat my mum will cook for me. The last time I went back, she made me bubur jagung which I only like when she made it sebab die guna susu nak buat and not santan. Orang laen buat tak same pun rase. Tak sedap. Haha. Sorry, I'm not a big-fan of makanan yang banyak sangat lemak EXCEPT cheese! I love cheese. hehe.

Oh, by the way pizza baru yang ade meatballs kat tepi2 crusts tu sedap. Even my sister said it smells funny. Mane ade, she's not a food-lover so don't believe her! haha.

Okay, got class at 2! bye2!

p/s: It's tempting but jangan ponteng pose ok budak2 kecik. or even pak cik dalam kete yang makan pagi2 sambil hisap rokok. Haish!

p/s/s: Bulan pose tu pose la, pe susah sangat tah!

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