Shopping = Girls' Therapy?

August 05, 2010

A nice weather
A good music
Awesome food
Quiet surroundings!
That's part of holidays to me.

i want this now actually

A week after mid term break. Been really busy and maybe I'll update only during my free time. I said maybe not confirm. Haha! Okay, my week of holiday is great. Boring at first, but towards the end it's awesome. Why? I spent 2 days in a row for shopping. Like my shopping partner, Dayah (suke ko jadi shopping partner aku!haha) said, shopping is therapy for girls. I don't know about guys. What do u guys like? ;p

Anyway, I ended up bought 2 tops and 1 handbag. It's sales time okay! How smart I'm rationalizing it.. hehe. I love the tops but more love been given to the handbag. I'll upload the pic la later if the connection not this slow. Oh, I've bought baju raya already last weekend when I went shopping with my mum. Blame her, she wants to treat her daughter. Eh, I mean daughters! haha.

tired waiting for my friend to choose her this is what i did =)

Okay, enough with shopping craps! This week story, I have 2 exams. One was yesterday and another 1 would be on this Saturday, Yesterday paper, I studied the complex and get-headache kind of question. But what's coming out, the simple and very basic ones. How frustrating! Grrr!
This Saturday paper, I don't know what to expect. So, just study all, plus taxation paper, "u can't skip the reading parts. Pegi baca buku - Dr Nakha". Yes sir, I'll try my best..huhu.

oh.. can upload fast! haha

So, tomorrow is my dad's convo for his Masters at Cheras and on Sunday at UKM Bangi. I actually planned to skip French class tomorrow to attend his convo but then I found this..

Haha! I'm blessed. So no guilty feeling of not attending 3 hours class ;p Cakap cam x penah ponteng..hihi.

But, right now I'm waiting for my mum to fetch me here at campus since I'm being lazy to drive plus I've got to be back here tomorrow for exam on Saturday. And after exam, gonna drive back to Klang since on Sunday is dad's convo at UKM plak. It's like back and forth from Cyber to Klang. It's gonna be a long and busy week. It's okay, I'm just fine by the way. Just love to complain. Haha!

Almost forgot. I watched SALT. It's genius. I want to watch Air Bender. Anyone? ;p

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