If I Have Lotsa Money Right Now

August 24, 2010

I want:

A new watch - my current Adidas watch that I wear since I was in Form 3 is now in a bad shape. The strap had become from pink to yellowish. It's stainless steel but now it isn't.
I want both of these. Talking about greedy! haha ;)

A new jacket - I want one. Simply to add the style in my wardrobe. Haha.. mcm banyak sgt dwet! See, I don't like shining leather jacket. I prefer non-shining, velvet perhaps. ;)

A Polaroid camera - I simply like to snap candid pic of everything. Since, to do that all the time with my SE phone would interfere my SMS activity, i need a new camera. Haha! Polaroid costs more, Fujifilm is more worth in terms of quality and costs.

A new pocket camcoder - My old one had reached its time. :/ Tengok, dah lama ok x buat video. Usually, I played with my old Sony camcoder to self learn all the video editing stuff. Takpe, nak beli yang baru so I can do that again. hehe!

Okay, orang2 yang berkenaan, sile take note. This is the important wishlist I want for October nanti. Muahahaha! =)

p/s: Oh, lambat lagi nak buke..

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