Freak Hairstyles!

August 21, 2010

If u out of idea and wanna try something out of the norms, just consider these:
Okay ladies first!

the bees might be interested! haha

Okay gentlemen, your turn now.

is this real?? Looked like photoshop pun ade. I dunno.

out of all the above, this one.. haha!

How many people actually did this? Obviously there is someone! Hideous plus quite funny kot. Bape lama dorang amek masa nak buat rambut ni??? Haha. Okay, then mcm mane dorang shampoo and all. If tak shampoo, it's just yucky!

p/s: When I want to go out I took 10 mins to get ready. I'm usually the fastest to get ready in the family!5 minutes shirts+jeans, 5 mins for the face+shawls.. That's it! Muahahaha ;D

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