August 14, 2010

My current fav. First time I heard it was on AXN, mase iklan citer Justified. Been wanting to download it for weeks but tak tau title plak. So, now I'm downloading the whole album. Hehe

Ok, updates:

Puase - Okay. First day puase tak dapat dgn family but now I'm at home. Takpe la, dah byk tahun 1st day pose tak same2 pun. Dah biase.. hehe. Well, mase buka, I'm simple. No need for lots of dishes, just nasi, 2 lauk and air. ;p If at home, makan banyak siket la kan, tapi kalau kat campus, bese2 je suda,,hehe. Kalau rajin, baru gi bazar kat Putrajaya tuh.

Study- By end of this week, I've got around a month plus until final so, kena start study dah la kan. I need to stop downloading movies. Hehe. By the way, my French lecturer is sick, so the classes are now pending. I can imagine lots of replacement. Oh, starting next week, I've got additional tax class :/

Exams - I have a mid term paper this coming Monday. And it involves lots of drawing flowcharts etc. My final exam, the 1st paper is scheduled to be on 26th next month!

Assignments - Currently doing and ada gak yang dah siap. (sebab tu bole update blog jap) hehe

Love - Always happy!

" Some boys feel they need to love thousand girls,
a man simply can loves a woman in thousand ways."

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