Boys vs Girls

August 25, 2010

What can I say? Different gender, different needs kot.. hehe.
Okay, I think all of these are true. I mean about the girls.
Yes, we need loyalty, respect, understand and love of course.
What else???
Yes, if we say we don't like the specific girl,
doesn't mean that we jealous of her,
or we hold any grudge on her,
but there just must be something very wrong with her,
well, we girls have a very strong instinct, aren't we? ;)

If we're jealous, doesn't mean we don't trust u guys,
It's just mean that we really love u. Got it?? ;p
If u guys don't want us to do want u guys dislikes,
we expect u guys to do the same for us.
That's called respect.

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