2.25 a.m

August 27, 2010

Erm.. morning guys! Currently I'm having cannot sleep syndrome ;p So, what better way to waste my time than to blog.haha! Okay, so who recognized the pic is from what TV series? Yeah2.. the gilmore girls. I remembered watching it when I was in Form 1. That girl is pretty and that guy is cute. hehe ;) Plus, that place in the show is kind of nice.. not like Klang that always packed with cars and people! haish :/

Other updates:
- I have a new French lecturer which make the girls in my class act kinda silly. U know like taking his pics and all. They thought he's sooo cute. ptfff~ Maybe cute but what caught my eyes is that he is short for French guy!Muahaha. And I hate it when he call my name 'Nadhirah' with accent. Make my name sounds ugly and weird :( Now, just hope he don't find this blog. Haha!

- My first final paper is scheduled to be on 26th next month! And the gap between papers this time is really close. Lotsa studying that need to be done.

- Shopping raya not complete yet. I still have few stuff to buy. Waiting for the money actually. Hehe :D

- What else?? Oh yeah, it's the finance barring system at MMU. Why oh why this happens every single semester? Can u finance people separate those who's been sponsored by MARA and self-paid? Must u barred all students who u haven't received payment from? Hello, I'm one of those who gets the sponsorships! Penat la camni every time.

- I've got one more quiz for MDS (which is paper similar to Adv Statistics I can say) and French drama presentation. yeah, i dunno how that gonna go. Maybe I'll record for u guys ok to laugh afterwards. Haha!

- What else should I babble about?? I miss him :(

But now, I need to continue my studies!! :D

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