18/08/98 and Now U'll get your IC!

August 18, 2010

" Camne nak wat birthday adik ek Kakyong bulan pose ni?"

" Adik nak dwet je la ma birthday ni".

" Kak Ngah, birthday adik lagi 3 hari la!!"

Those are the questions my youngest sister kept on bugging us. Haha! She's just turned 12 and excited about getting her own IC. She kept asking my dad when she'll get her IC. I don't really remember whether I'm that excited 10 years ago. Yeah, but still, she's just a kid. That's why she makes the countdown for her birthday.

Maybe, she thought everyone else would forget about it.

I texted her to wish this morning but still no reply. I forgot she's at school. Oh, she just reply. =D

Let me tell u something about her:

She's a bit chubby compared to the rest of my other siblings. Physically don't resembles the rest of her older siblings but her face kinda have my 2nd sister's look. She likes to repeat the same questions or stories until it annoyed everyone. Even my mum reached her patience point by that time. Haha!

She's supposed to take UPSR this year, but being the lazy bump, she's now in the not so good class. I don't know why but she's smart like her 2 older sisters but having the "M" disease makes her more interested in laying around in front of the TV eating something.

Oh, she's been bullied by this 1 evil cousin of ours. They go to the same school. Well, as my sister getting tired of the stupid pranks made by this hidung-besar-macam-monyet cousin (that's what my dad called her), she decide it's pay back time. She wrote a love note saying that she's a guy who admires my cousin. He wanted to meet her at a place and the time is after school. Haha, my cousin believed it! Kecik-kecik dah gatal! As for my sister, she's good but not naive.

Ok, so happy birthday. Have a good one!! =)

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