Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Restaurant, Products and Beverages Halal/Haram Status

I've got this email this morning. This is to share with u guys.

1. Restoran berikut telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM :

1) McDonald

2) A&W

3) Secret Recipe

Restoran berikut telah ditarik sijil pengesahan halal JAKIM kerana gagal mematuhi syarat dan piawaian halal :

1) Victoria Station

2) Kam Lun Ta

3) Lotus Family Restoran

Restoran berikut tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM :

1) San Francisco Steakhouse

2) Chicken Rice Shop

3) Kiwi Express

Bagi minuman ringan keluaran syarikat F&N seperti Coke dan 100 plus telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM .

Bagi kuih bulan dan kuih bakul yang telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM adalah halal sebagai contoh yang dikeluarkan oleh syarikat KG Pastry atau Noraini’s Cookies dan lain-lain yang ada menggunakan logo halal JAKIMkecuali kuih bulan dari Kam Lun Tai kerana telah ditarik balik pengesahan halalnya disebabkan berlaku perlanggaran syarat dan peraturan halal yang ditetapkan.

2. Ayam segar yang dibungkuskan atas nama Farmbest adalah dikeluarkan oleh Syarikat Sin Mah Sdn Bhd, syarikat ini telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM .

3. Tentang mewarnakan rambut dari segi hukum syarak terbagi kepada :

i. Harus mewarnakan rambut dengan warna selain hitam. Warna hitam hanya harus bagi yang berpenyakit sahaja.

ii. Makruh mewarnakan rambut bagi orang muda.

iii. Haram mewarnakan rambut bagi orang yang terlalu tua. iv. Haram mewarnakan rambut tanpa tujuan.

v. Harus mewarnakan rambut dengan izin suami.

Dari segi bahan pewarna rambut yang ada di pasaran terbahagi kepada 2 jenis, yang mana kedua-duanya adalah halal dari segi bahan kandungan. Yang menjadi persolan adakah pewarna tersebut telap air atau tidak ? Pewarna rambut yang di pasaran biasanya akan tertulis pada kotak PERMANENT DYE atau SEMI PERMANENT DYE . Mengikut kajian jenis yang Semi-Permanent Dye adalah jenis yang tidak telap air dan ianya tidak boleh dipakai oleh orang Islam. Begitu juga sebaliknya. JAKIM sendiri tidak pernah mengeluarkan sijil halal untuk produk pewarna rambut kerana ia dikilangkan di luar negara. Untuk pengetahuan, JAKIM hanya akan keluarkan sijil halal untuk produk yang diproses di Malaysia sahaja .

4. Sehingga kini pengeluar makanan supplement dan produk makanan kesihatan yang telah berdaftar dengan JAKIM adalah syarikat Upha. Kebanyakan makanan supplement dari syarikat Upha telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM dan telah dipastikan soft gel untuk kapsul yang digunakan adalah halal, bagi produk jenama Blackmores, Solaray, Seven Seas, 21 Century tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM, kerana itu tidak dapat dipastikan kapsul yang digunakan itu walau pun didakwa bersumberkan lembu tetapi tidak diketahui sama ada lembu itu disembelih atau tidak. Produk yang tidak mendapat pengesahan halal ini adalah kerana itu adalah produk import, maka pengedar dan pengeluar bertanggungjawab mendapatkan pengesahan halal dari badan Islam di negara asal produk tersebut diimport.

5. Restoran Dome dan seluruh rangkaiannya tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM, maka kerana itu tidak dapat dipastikan status kehalalan makanan dan minuman yang disediakan di restoran ini.

6. Soalan: Saya ingin tahu samada semua stall di food court Suria KLCC halal kerana tiada papan tanda yang membezakan gerai yang halal dengan yang tidak halal. Saya juga ingin tahu samada semua restoran di Suria KLCC menghidangkan makanan yang halal (walaupun ada yang menjual arak ): Madam Kwan’s, Spring Garden, Rain Nudle House, Bukhara, Chillis, California PIzza, Kelantan Delights, Chakri’s Palace, Rotiboy Bakeshoppe, Auntie Anne’s Pretzels, Cinnabon, Al-Marjan , Bong Sen (Vietnamese) , Chinoz On the Park, Dome CafĂ©, Genki Sushi, Gloria Jean’s Coffees, House of Sudanese Food, San Francisco Steak House/Santini.

Jawapan: Gerai-gerai makan di Medan Selera di KLCC tidak ada yang mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM termasuklah juga semua restoran yang disenaraikan itu.

7. Baker’s Cottage telah mendapat pengesahan halal dari JAIS ( Jabatan Agama Islam Selangor ), La Boheme tidak dapat dipastikan status halal kerana tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM. King’s Confectionery telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM , Status makanan yang disediakan di Giant dan Tesco ada sebahagiannya yang telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM , manakala Jusco hendaklah merujuk kepada logo halal yang digunakan pada pembungkusan produk kerana Jusco tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM secara khusus.

8. Kedai Bread Talk & Bread Story tidak pernah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM .

9. Sehingga kini JAKIM tidak pernah memberi pengesahan halal ke atas Restoran Burger King , maka dengan itu tidak dapat dipastikan status kehalalan produk yang dijual.

10. Pernyataan mencampurkan minyak **** untuk pembuatan sausage ayam, fish ball dan lain-lain adalah tidak benar bagi produk terbabit yang telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM. Bagi produk Ramli Burger dan Ayamas , memang telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM dan kedua-dua syarikat ini sentiasa mematuhi peraturan halal JAKIM.

11. Coffee Bean telah mendapat pengesahan halal JAKIM dan telah dipastikan semua bahan yang digunakan adalah halal tetapi Starbuck memang tidak pernah memohon pengesahan halal JAKIM , maka tidak dapat dipastikan kehalalan bahan atau produk di tempat tersebut.


Other things:

p/s: Macam mane dgn Windmill Steakhouse(more like Victoria Station) or even Old Town? In my experience, apart from steaks, Windmill also serves the wines,beers and all the non-halal beverages. Then my family stop going there. Takut la nak makan camtu. This is just my doubts and i'm not saying they're did this; how if during the preparation of the food the wines are used or even accidentally poured into the steak. Sorry, I won't take the chances. So, safe action, tak payah dah pegi makan kat tempat yang ada jual all these kind of beverages. About old town, there is an issue about that right? Dalam paper pun ade.

Saturday, August 28, 2010

All Sort of Weird Hotels Around The World

1) Propeller Island City Lodge, Berlin.

There are all 30 rooms with variety of designs. These are only 3 of them!

The upside down room

The symbol room

The castle room. For kids I guess =)

2) Hotel de Vrouwe Van Stavoren, Netherlands

Enormous Casks room, which previous held 19333 bottles of wine

The inside of the room! Too narrow kot.

3) Hang Nga Guest House and Art Gallery a.k.a The Crazy House

The outside look.

Each of the room has their own animal theme. Scary!

4) Hotel Costa Verde - used 1965 Boeing 727 frame.

the lounge, spacious la kan. Haha!

p/s: I kinda like the hotel at Berlin tu. Creative giler kot. =)

Courtesy of Yahoo Travel.

Friday, August 27, 2010

2.25 a.m

Erm.. morning guys! Currently I'm having cannot sleep syndrome ;p So, what better way to waste my time than to blog.haha! Okay, so who recognized the pic is from what TV series? Yeah2.. the gilmore girls. I remembered watching it when I was in Form 1. That girl is pretty and that guy is cute. hehe ;) Plus, that place in the show is kind of nice.. not like Klang that always packed with cars and people! haish :/

Other updates:
- I have a new French lecturer which make the girls in my class act kinda silly. U know like taking his pics and all. They thought he's sooo cute. ptfff~ Maybe cute but what caught my eyes is that he is short for French guy!Muahaha. And I hate it when he call my name 'Nadhirah' with accent. Make my name sounds ugly and weird :( Now, just hope he don't find this blog. Haha!

- My first final paper is scheduled to be on 26th next month! And the gap between papers this time is really close. Lotsa studying that need to be done.

- Shopping raya not complete yet. I still have few stuff to buy. Waiting for the money actually. Hehe :D

- What else?? Oh yeah, it's the finance barring system at MMU. Why oh why this happens every single semester? Can u finance people separate those who's been sponsored by MARA and self-paid? Must u barred all students who u haven't received payment from? Hello, I'm one of those who gets the sponsorships! Penat la camni every time.

- I've got one more quiz for MDS (which is paper similar to Adv Statistics I can say) and French drama presentation. yeah, i dunno how that gonna go. Maybe I'll record for u guys ok to laugh afterwards. Haha!

- What else should I babble about?? I miss him :(

But now, I need to continue my studies!! :D

Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Boys vs Girls

What can I say? Different gender, different needs kot.. hehe.
Okay, I think all of these are true. I mean about the girls.
Yes, we need loyalty, respect, understand and love of course.
What else???
Yes, if we say we don't like the specific girl,
doesn't mean that we jealous of her,
or we hold any grudge on her,
but there just must be something very wrong with her,
well, we girls have a very strong instinct, aren't we? ;)

If we're jealous, doesn't mean we don't trust u guys,
It's just mean that we really love u. Got it?? ;p
If u guys don't want us to do want u guys dislikes,
we expect u guys to do the same for us.
That's called respect.

Tuesday, August 24, 2010

If I Have Lotsa Money Right Now

I want:

A new watch - my current Adidas watch that I wear since I was in Form 3 is now in a bad shape. The strap had become from pink to yellowish. It's stainless steel but now it isn't.
I want both of these. Talking about greedy! haha ;)

A new jacket - I want one. Simply to add the style in my wardrobe. Haha.. mcm banyak sgt dwet! See, I don't like shining leather jacket. I prefer non-shining, velvet perhaps. ;)

A Polaroid camera - I simply like to snap candid pic of everything. Since, to do that all the time with my SE phone would interfere my SMS activity, i need a new camera. Haha! Polaroid costs more, Fujifilm is more worth in terms of quality and costs.

A new pocket camcoder - My old one had reached its time. :/ Tengok, dah lama ok x buat video. Usually, I played with my old Sony camcoder to self learn all the video editing stuff. Takpe, nak beli yang baru so I can do that again. hehe!

Okay, orang2 yang berkenaan, sile take note. This is the important wishlist I want for October nanti. Muahahaha! =)

p/s: Oh, lambat lagi nak buke..

Mercun - Mesti Nak Main Gak!

Pagi ni (11 plus actually..hehe), bangun pastu klik semua online paper yang ada. Masa baca Harian Metro, ada 2 berita yang semua pasal main mercun. I don't understand, mercun boleh ke tak ek kat sini?? Tak boleh kan, tapi perangai orang kan, kalau benda tak boleh, lagi la nak buat.

Masa kecik2 dulu, owner blog pun main gak. Tapi bukan mercun la. Main bunga api je. Mercun tu sampai sekarang x penah berani nak pegang. Sebab mcm2 cite kan pasal main mercun, putus jari la, mata buta la, dan semua yang boleh buat diri jadi handicapped. (I don't used the other word).

My sister once told me that, dekat skola dia siap ada budak amek order mercun and bunga api apa nak. But this was years ago la kan. Sekarang ni tak tahu la ada lagi tak. Tengok, orang gi skola suh blaja, die jadi supplier mercun. Yeah2, business minded is good, but depends on what types of business u're involved in.

Memang variety kot. No wonder budak2(well, orang tua pun kot) jadi excited.

So, I know my sister read this blog. Jangan mengada2 nak beli2 mercun. See, what happened when u do something this.. stupid. (I don't know what other word can be used).

p/s: Safety first. =)

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Freak Hairstyles!

If u out of idea and wanna try something out of the norms, just consider these:
Okay ladies first!

the bees might be interested! haha

Okay gentlemen, your turn now.

is this real?? Looked like photoshop pun ade. I dunno.

out of all the above, this one.. haha!

How many people actually did this? Obviously there is someone! Hideous plus quite funny kot. Bape lama dorang amek masa nak buat rambut ni??? Haha. Okay, then mcm mane dorang shampoo and all. If tak shampoo, it's just yucky!

p/s: When I want to go out I took 10 mins to get ready. I'm usually the fastest to get ready in the family!5 minutes shirts+jeans, 5 mins for the face+shawls.. That's it! Muahahaha ;D

Friday, August 20, 2010

What People Don't Know

I've asked my close friends what they think about me and the answers are very independent, emotionally strong, fair, good advisor (how surprisingly..haha), talk a lot (eh?? hehe), laugh a lot and bla bla bla.

Okay, what they don't know about myself :

- Sensitive: Not always, but rarely. But if u did something very offensive at a very wrong time, u'll be surprised to see the tears that u think u never gonna see from me. But still, I don't recall when the last time this happened. So, I guess, I am always more happy than sensitive emo girl.

- Loud: I CAN be very open in voicing out my opinion and sometimes some people tend to see that this is an act of showing off. Well, that's not my intention. I like to talk to myself (not crazy ok!). It supposed to be done in low tone voice but instead I put the high pitch volume. Sorry.

- Impatient: Especially when I'm driving. Well, the witness is always my boyfriend. He knows what type of driver I am especially when there's some stupid driver in front of my car. Other stuff, I can still tolerate.

But, people MISTAKEN me to be :

- Snobbish: I am not okay. Try to know me and u'll see. I rarely talk to strangers unless I'm lost. I just don't know how to make new friends. It's something that caused by the Asperger's Syndrome which my sister think we both have it. Then, we did the test and it's showed the result.

- Naive : Not at all. I might be nice and always helpful to everyone but don't try to take advantage. One time maybe u'll get pass me. Another round of that, I'll make sure u'll regret it.

- the youngest child : Am I that young?? Haha. Sorry people, I am the eldest of 4 siblings. Haha!

Seriously I hate:

- Liars: I cannot tolerate this. Simply said, it betrays my trust. Once u betrayed it, sorry, no 2nd chance for u.

- Girls(or guys) who don't respect people's partners: Whether the partners = boyfriend, husband, fiance, I just hate this kind of girls. E.g of an act, gedik2 dengan boyfriend orang.

- Judgemental people: I don't like judging people. I expect others to do the the same for me.

p/s: I'm still stuck in campus because I got class at 9 tomorrow. On SATURDAY! 'yeay' ;)
p/s/s: One of my fav lecturers going for heart surgery. :(

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Resume Problem? Try This.

You have no idea how to do your resume. Maybe you should scroll down and take your time to choose. Hehe!

Credit: ODDEE

box resume. Macam tengok cereal box kan. hehe!

Chart resume.

Pocket CV. Suke yang ni!

Inspired by Life Game. Cool!

Creative but macam banyak la pulak pen kena bawak. Hehe

Warning: These do not guaranteed you the job. But yeah sure, it'll be something out of the ordinary.

I'm currently taking a break from the assignment. Malas nak type banyak2 sangat, that's why I post this entry. It's just for fun ok. I'm not sure if I want to attempt these. After all, I'm not that creative. Haha! Yela, kena mengaku la kalau memang tak creative. ;p

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

18/08/98 and Now U'll get your IC!

" Camne nak wat birthday adik ek Kakyong bulan pose ni?"

" Adik nak dwet je la ma birthday ni".

" Kak Ngah, birthday adik lagi 3 hari la!!"

Those are the questions my youngest sister kept on bugging us. Haha! She's just turned 12 and excited about getting her own IC. She kept asking my dad when she'll get her IC. I don't really remember whether I'm that excited 10 years ago. Yeah, but still, she's just a kid. That's why she makes the countdown for her birthday.

Maybe, she thought everyone else would forget about it.

I texted her to wish this morning but still no reply. I forgot she's at school. Oh, she just reply. =D

Let me tell u something about her:

She's a bit chubby compared to the rest of my other siblings. Physically don't resembles the rest of her older siblings but her face kinda have my 2nd sister's look. She likes to repeat the same questions or stories until it annoyed everyone. Even my mum reached her patience point by that time. Haha!

She's supposed to take UPSR this year, but being the lazy bump, she's now in the not so good class. I don't know why but she's smart like her 2 older sisters but having the "M" disease makes her more interested in laying around in front of the TV eating something.

Oh, she's been bullied by this 1 evil cousin of ours. They go to the same school. Well, as my sister getting tired of the stupid pranks made by this hidung-besar-macam-monyet cousin (that's what my dad called her), she decide it's pay back time. She wrote a love note saying that she's a guy who admires my cousin. He wanted to meet her at a place and the time is after school. Haha, my cousin believed it! Kecik-kecik dah gatal! As for my sister, she's good but not naive.

Ok, so happy birthday. Have a good one!! =)

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Volcano-Vanilla- Something!

I forgot the name of this dessert.

Volcano something.. which is chocolate cake and top of it is some vanilla ice cream with strawberry sauce! (sauce?? haha). Yeah2.. I know it's still early to think about food but I'm kinda craving for this thing again.

See, bila kat umah, anything I want to eat my mum will cook for me. The last time I went back, she made me bubur jagung which I only like when she made it sebab die guna susu nak buat and not santan. Orang laen buat tak same pun rase. Tak sedap. Haha. Sorry, I'm not a big-fan of makanan yang banyak sangat lemak EXCEPT cheese! I love cheese. hehe.

Oh, by the way pizza baru yang ade meatballs kat tepi2 crusts tu sedap. Even my sister said it smells funny. Mane ade, she's not a food-lover so don't believe her! haha.

Okay, got class at 2! bye2!

p/s: It's tempting but jangan ponteng pose ok budak2 kecik. or even pak cik dalam kete yang makan pagi2 sambil hisap rokok. Haish!

p/s/s: Bulan pose tu pose la, pe susah sangat tah!

Saturday, August 14, 2010


My current fav. First time I heard it was on AXN, mase iklan citer Justified. Been wanting to download it for weeks but tak tau title plak. So, now I'm downloading the whole album. Hehe

Ok, updates:

Puase - Okay. First day puase tak dapat dgn family but now I'm at home. Takpe la, dah byk tahun 1st day pose tak same2 pun. Dah biase.. hehe. Well, mase buka, I'm simple. No need for lots of dishes, just nasi, 2 lauk and air. ;p If at home, makan banyak siket la kan, tapi kalau kat campus, bese2 je suda,,hehe. Kalau rajin, baru gi bazar kat Putrajaya tuh.

Study- By end of this week, I've got around a month plus until final so, kena start study dah la kan. I need to stop downloading movies. Hehe. By the way, my French lecturer is sick, so the classes are now pending. I can imagine lots of replacement. Oh, starting next week, I've got additional tax class :/

Exams - I have a mid term paper this coming Monday. And it involves lots of drawing flowcharts etc. My final exam, the 1st paper is scheduled to be on 26th next month!

Assignments - Currently doing and ada gak yang dah siap. (sebab tu bole update blog jap) hehe

Love - Always happy!

" Some boys feel they need to love thousand girls,
a man simply can loves a woman in thousand ways."

Monday, August 09, 2010

Dad's Convo!

Friday, 6th August 2010

I woke up around 6 in the morning. It's not me, usually I woke up for prayers then sleep again. But that day, I have to. SO, around 7 plus reached Maktab PDRM Cheras. It's an occasion for my dad for his Masters program.

I kinda have his looks..haha

Sunday, 8 August 2010
UKM Bangi

So, yesterday was more of the real convocation. Another round of tiredness but it's okay. Not always this tired. Selalu panat gi kelas and study je. Haha. So, congrats dad! Even this is your.. 3rd time if I plus your degree's convo at UKM 1986 and UM's on 2005 =)

Family portrait ;)

Panas giler ok kat UKM semalam!

As my dad said, after this is my turn. Insyaallah =)

Oh, by the way, I saw some of my matrix friends' names in the convo's book. Well, congrats you guys!! Dah tue dah korang..hehe ;p

Thursday, August 05, 2010

Shopping = Girls' Therapy?

A nice weather
A good music
Awesome food
Quiet surroundings!
That's part of holidays to me.

i want this now actually

A week after mid term break. Been really busy and maybe I'll update only during my free time. I said maybe not confirm. Haha! Okay, my week of holiday is great. Boring at first, but towards the end it's awesome. Why? I spent 2 days in a row for shopping. Like my shopping partner, Dayah (suke ko jadi shopping partner aku!haha) said, shopping is therapy for girls. I don't know about guys. What do u guys like? ;p

Anyway, I ended up bought 2 tops and 1 handbag. It's sales time okay! How smart I'm rationalizing it.. hehe. I love the tops but more love been given to the handbag. I'll upload the pic la later if the connection not this slow. Oh, I've bought baju raya already last weekend when I went shopping with my mum. Blame her, she wants to treat her daughter. Eh, I mean daughters! haha.

tired waiting for my friend to choose her stuff..so this is what i did =)

Okay, enough with shopping craps! This week story, I have 2 exams. One was yesterday and another 1 would be on this Saturday, Yesterday paper, I studied the complex and get-headache kind of question. But what's coming out, the simple and very basic ones. How frustrating! Grrr!
This Saturday paper, I don't know what to expect. So, just study all, plus taxation paper, "u can't skip the reading parts. Pegi baca buku - Dr Nakha". Yes sir, I'll try my best..huhu.

oh.. can upload fast! haha

So, tomorrow is my dad's convo for his Masters at Cheras and on Sunday at UKM Bangi. I actually planned to skip French class tomorrow to attend his convo but then I found this..

Haha! I'm blessed. So no guilty feeling of not attending 3 hours class ;p Cakap cam x penah ponteng..hihi.

But, right now I'm waiting for my mum to fetch me here at campus since I'm being lazy to drive plus I've got to be back here tomorrow for exam on Saturday. And after exam, gonna drive back to Klang since on Sunday is dad's convo at UKM plak. It's like back and forth from Cyber to Klang. It's gonna be a long and busy week. It's okay, I'm just fine by the way. Just love to complain. Haha!

Almost forgot. I watched SALT. It's genius. I want to watch Air Bender. Anyone? ;p