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July 27, 2010


I'm not a morning person! But I don't have problem to get up around 7 or 8 in the morning either. Just last week.. the problem hits me. Haih :/

And with me doing nothing during the holidays, I googled something about it.


The night before
- Avoid caffeine and chocolate

- Go to bed happy with your partner. Takde partner camne? hahaha! ;p Ok2, the main point is H.A.P.P.Y.

- Meditate, pray, calm down before sleep.

- Don't eat dinner right before you go to bed.

- Organize room. Betul gak tu, but hey my room is organized..well, during my rajin time la of course. haha

- Go to toilet. Yeah2, even you don't feel like going. Seriously!

During the Night
- Make sure, you're not too cold or too hot. Since this is M'sia, I guess make sure it's not too hot je la kot..haha

- Keep the window open. Erm.. banyak nyamuk la pulak kot nanti.

- Keep your sleep consistent!

- Cut out noise. E.g: no need to put the earphones in your ears while you're trying to sleep. This actually what I always did and I wondered why I can't sleep.

The Morning
- Drink a glass of water

- Exercise. errrr??? hihi

- Don't drink coffee everyday. Alaaaaa.. =(

- Have something to be excited about. Thinking about shopping tiap2 hari bole? hahaha!

- Get up straight away. That means, no snoozing the alarm.

Okay, I need my beauty sleep. So, nite people! =)

Source : Google

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