Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Keyboard? Nope ;)

Haha! Yeah2.. ada orang cakap susah nk type bile keyboard mcm tu. So what? I like cute stuff. I have mushroom lamp, which is actually a gift from my sister. And then stuffed animal, the Mr Panda.

Some people associate cute stuff = childish. Hurm, tak tahu la, but most people would say I'm mature, way more than my age would suggest. Well I'm in my 20's. I don't know whether that's a compliment or what. See, I'm clueless when people start giving comments like that to me. To me, it's your attitude that's important. Your age doesn't resembles your level of maturity or wisdom.

About the keyboard, I like to look at it. And believe me, I had not been facing any difficulty tracking down the alphabets. And I don't need to put my face about 2 inches from the keyboard. And I've got it free! Well, pau my youngest sister la kan! Hehe ;D

So, skarang, nak buat assignment pun x malas.. Well, people like to look at nice stuff kan..hehe.

Oh, my mid term Advanced Audit was yesterday. It's 3 hours exam and it feels like final. We'll see about the results. Even my neck and hands are hurt because wrote too much, but it's worth it. I really hope those who copied didn't score. Some people are OKAY with copying during exams. Sorry, this one thing, I never attempt. Call me coward, I don't care. Well, cheaters, how's it feels huh? For me, copy cats don't deserve any marks and it seemed not fair to those who studied really hard.

Sorry, I just dislikes people who has no effort but very proud of having 'able to answer the questions' EASILY. Sampai buat update status kat facebook cakap the exam was easy and no need to study. As if, I don't know you people checking up your notes now and then. Memalukan je! Haih.

And please don't say to me "Not all people are smart like you". Hello, there's no such thing, every1 is equal. It's just your efforts which made the differences.

Peace! Hehe ;)


Dakjaat said...

huahua! mmg cantik.. tp sticker ni susah nak dapat. ni buat sendiri kan?

Aiza Aidid said...

gi gift shop byk je yg cntk.. kdi comp jual yg x cntk..haha

yup2.. buat sndr =)

amal said...

kite suke gile barang2 comel. ari tu kan, kengkawan kite pakse kite beli handbag. lepas tu, kite cakap la nak yang comel punye. diorang tunjuk cam orang tua punye. lepas tu, bile kite cakap tak comel, diorang cakap 'act your age la' eh suke ati la. kite suke ape hahahahaha

Aiza Aidid said...

hahahaha.. bese la tu amal, some ppl dorg ske act more mature than they're supposed tu.. hehe ;)

fndrocka said...

aku suka gak brg2 comel...asalkan kecomelan brg tu tak menyusahkan..kalau ada keyboard virtual macam ipad tu best gak.

Untuk mereka yang sudah menonton Eclipse sahaja

Aiza Aidid said...

haha.. yg ni mmg x menyusahkan la.. hehe. ipad ek? ok gak tu.. tp aku x mnt kot.

Anonymous said...

seems nobody comment about ur xm.
allow me to do so.

cm knl je sape wat status kt fb tu
ok da.
tu je.

Aiza Aidid said...

hahaha.. i ingt spe la kan anon ni.. rumate sndr rpenye..haha
nsb la i x letak nme die kat post ni.. nyampah giler ok org cmni..haha