Letter To Besties

July 30, 2010

Dear best friends,

Hello. Hi. or some similar expressions we've used to first introduced ourselves to each other. Well, the sound of our first hello is a good music. The friendships we've made are even greater. So, how's your life? It's been a while since I've met all my best friends. I hope you're doing fine =)

One of you I've known since I was 7. Another one would be since my matriculation days. One more would also happened to be the love of my life. Well, even 1 I've known only during my campus life. All I can say, I can depend on each one of you when I'm in a big trouble. Even, the time and place when our friendships began are different, all of you have impact my life greatly.

I've said life without friends are boring. Yes, that's true. But having just ordinary friends that you cannot count on when you're down is way more unlucky. And yes, I considered myself very lucky to have all of you.

First best friend- Thanks to you I know the meaning of friendship. Thank you for sticking around with me for 15 plus years! =)

Second best friend-Thanks for being a good gossip partner when I need to be bitchy about that gedik girl. And also every single time I need advice and you are there for me. Not forgotten your 'anologies'..haha. ;p

Third best friend - Thanks too for not just being a boyfriend to me but also very cool best friend. You're the only person can make me do some "stupid" things without worrying you might get me wrong. I bet you, not all boyfriends can accept that part of their girlfriends which some might considered weird.

The last but not least - I searched for you all these while at campus. Amazing roommate, even more an amazing friend! Thanks for not making my life at campus boring. Especially we kinda don't like the same people. It makes us have more topic to gossip. Joking. Haha!

The writer.

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