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July 24, 2010

I went back to Klang yesterday. Around 650 pm from Cyber, the traffic was quite okay. Well, at least until Klang. Sampai je depan Jusco lame tu, start la kan.. cam orang gile je sume drive kete.
See, how bad was the traffic. I need to wait for the traffic lights to turn green for about 4 times when it was finally the turn for my car to pass it.

8 sharp I reached home. Macam balik mane je sampai 1 jam lebih baru nak sampai. Haish :/

So, I've got 1 week holiday plus a day off coz of the convocation thing at MMU so all classes on Monday had been cancelled. Yeay! haha

I need to:
Finished up at least one assignment. I have Advanced Audit and Advanced AIS, so I choose the audit's.

Play guitar+ piano back. A bit rusty already. Haha

Maybe, finish up reading the novels I've bought last month.

That's all I guess. I'll update later.

"Jealousy in romance is like salt in the food. It'll refine taste in a right amount.
But too much of it can make the food out of taste.
At certain circumstances, it can be life threatening too."

p/s: Sorry. ILYSM love.

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