Hey Sister!

July 02, 2010

2/7/1990, I've got myself an annoying little sister. You annoyed me by wanting extra one or two toys, ice cream,etc2 more than me. You always crying and your voice annoyed me that time.

2/7/2010, Well you are still the annoying one. In some other ways now. Haha.

But, yes, you're a good sister because you:

Always be a good shopping partner.
A good taste in books and music. Lucky me, I can borrow and no need to buy. ;p
Sarcastic but I find it amusing. I don't know why.
Try to explain everything with science when you know that our brother is making his silly jokes. Haha.
Complete our fantastic 4 siblings ;)

Happy 20th birthday. Welcome the number "2" in front of your age!
Have a blast upcoming days. Be more mature pls. Haha.
Be a good Dr. not the whacky ones pls. You're kinda half-crazy now. LOL!

Oh, your cute lamp, on the way. Preferably, mushroom lamp like you gave me last year, I assume. Well, so much for 20 years old present ;p

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