Eyes Lie Every 1st Time

July 12, 2010


For years I've been watching people around me. Not in some stalking or creepy ways but just sit around and take a look of my surroundings. And one thing I've noticed, the eyes always lied. What u see for the first time most of it just the surface, not really the truth.

Firstly, years ago, I saw this guy, he looked really shy+ fierce looking (haha!) and I even thought that he would not talk to girls. Yes, turned out I was wrong and he's talkative, damn funny, well..my right kind of guy. To this guy, you know who u are

There is also at one point of my life, I've known the kind of guys which opposite of the previous one I've mentioned. The kind of innocent-looking ones u know? That turned out to be total jerks. Sorry, no offence. But there is a saying says, 'the more innocent the guy looks, the more careful you should be'. Maybe it's true.

So, about other people, I've seen, some girls in a group which she don't really belong in it. These girls looked like they are in the peers but actually it's just they try too hard to fit in, so they would be noticed too. I don't say that, you should be a loner. Life without friends are BORING but when you tried to hard to fit in, even stranger like me can noticed it. Just choose a few friends that u can really enjoy your life with. Well, at least that's the way I think. Simple.

The front row crowd in class. Looks smart aren't they? The back row crowd in lectures.. well, the lazy and dumb ones. That's what the usuals says. FYI, sometimes people try to pretend they're smart by acting out what they would think smart student would do. People, how wrong u are. Looks smart do not make you smart. Guess what, I like to sit at the back row! And I definitely not a dumber.

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