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July 06, 2010

I've been experiencing this error since this evening. I saw about 5 comments that need to be moderate and when I click moderate comments all the comments are gone! The effect, well, I cannot moderate any comments for my previous post 'Pointless'. Then, just now I saw one comment and tried to approve it, then I succeeded. Yeay!! haha.

Well, it's been annoying for hours. Sorry blogger, but today, I kinda hate you! haha.

For those who commented for the previous post, here are your comments and my replies:

from jfook: HAHA. nice one.The first one is the best.
from r-mean: ;D
from randomness of bored creature is BACK: It made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :D
from kenwooi: haha. nice jokes.. especially the last one =)

to jfook: i like that one too! haha
to r-mean: thanx! ;)
to randomness: my pleasure and u're wlcm ;)
to ken: hahaha.. i want 2 try said that to the lecturers la..hahaha.

All these comments I have to read at my email. And now, blogger, you don't need to think why you're annoyed me much today!

By the way, now u can comment like u usually do! ;)

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