Friday, July 30, 2010

Letter To Besties

Dear best friends,

Hello. Hi. or some similar expressions we've used to first introduced ourselves to each other. Well, the sound of our first hello is a good music. The friendships we've made are even greater. So, how's your life? It's been a while since I've met all my best friends. I hope you're doing fine =)

One of you I've known since I was 7. Another one would be since my matriculation days. One more would also happened to be the love of my life. Well, even 1 I've known only during my campus life. All I can say, I can depend on each one of you when I'm in a big trouble. Even, the time and place when our friendships began are different, all of you have impact my life greatly.

I've said life without friends are boring. Yes, that's true. But having just ordinary friends that you cannot count on when you're down is way more unlucky. And yes, I considered myself very lucky to have all of you.

First best friend- Thanks to you I know the meaning of friendship. Thank you for sticking around with me for 15 plus years! =)

Second best friend-Thanks for being a good gossip partner when I need to be bitchy about that gedik girl. And also every single time I need advice and you are there for me. Not forgotten your 'anologies'..haha. ;p

Third best friend - Thanks too for not just being a boyfriend to me but also very cool best friend. You're the only person can make me do some "stupid" things without worrying you might get me wrong. I bet you, not all boyfriends can accept that part of their girlfriends which some might considered weird.

The last but not least - I searched for you all these while at campus. Amazing roommate, even more an amazing friend! Thanks for not making my life at campus boring. Especially we kinda don't like the same people. It makes us have more topic to gossip. Joking. Haha!

The writer.

Midnight Stuff

errr.. hungry for cupcakes! ish :/

Hey guys! First thing.. thanks followers. I noticed it's been increased. I have no idea to blog these days. But just now I've found something interesting at Tumblr. It's like a challenge to yourself. For me, it'll be a good reason to update more. Haha! The first time I saw this kind of challenge it's required cartoon drawing of yourself. Since, I'm hopeless in drawing so I choose this one instead.

SO, here is the challenge : You need to write a letter (or notes.. this I changed a bit) for several different person every day. Writing letter means, posts that letter here of course. =)

Day 1 - Your best friend
Day 2 - Your boyfriend/ your crush
Day 3 - Your parents
Day 4- Your sibling (or closest relative)
Day 5- Your dreams
Day 6 - A stranger
Day 7- Your ex-boyfriend/girlfriend/crush/love
Day 8 - Your favorite internet friend
Day 9 - Someone you wish you could mee
Day 10 - Someone you don't talk to as much as you should
Day 11- A deceased person you wish you could talk to
Day 12- Someone you hate most/ caused you lots of pain
Day 13 - Someone you wish to forgive you
Day 14- Someone you drifted away
Day 15- The person you miss the most
Day 16 - Someone that is not in your state/country
Day 17 - Someone from your childhood
Day 18 - The person you wish you could be
Day 19 - Someone who pesters your mind; good or bad
Day 20 - The one that broke your heart the hardest
Day 21- Someone you judged by their first impression
Day 22 - Someone you want to give second chance
Day 23- The last person you kissed
Day 24 - The person that gave you favorite memory
Day 25 - The person you know that been going through tough time
Day 26 - The last person you made pinky promise
Day 27 - The friendliest peson you knew for only a day
Day 28 - Someone that changed your life
Day 29 - The person you want to tell everything, but you afraid to
Day 30 - Your reflection in mirror

Wahaha.. banyak sangat la pulak. But, after all, ist is a challenge. So, I'll start tomorrow at anytime. But, everyday, some of the people I'm about to write the letter/notes, might be the same, so those people must be smart enough to know who they are. Hehe!

p/s: Whoever rajin u can copy this thing. It's not mine pun. Credit to Leilockheart.

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

How Food Can Be Annoying

Oh, it's lunch hour. Sorry people, if watching this video made u lost ur appetite. For me, it's just plain funny. A bit offensive but still..haha! Wanna take the risk and watch? Help yourself. =)

Now, when I'm about to eat pasta.. of course the image of Lady Pasta comes around. Can u guess who it supposed to be? Sorry for her fans out there. LOL!

Apple pie with eyes. OMG! I love apple pie. Haih! Gatal lagi tengok video mcm ni. Padan muka ;(

p/s: Luckily I'm fasting so the effect not that big. Haha

Rise Up Sunshine


I'm not a morning person! But I don't have problem to get up around 7 or 8 in the morning either. Just last week.. the problem hits me. Haih :/

And with me doing nothing during the holidays, I googled something about it.


The night before
- Avoid caffeine and chocolate

- Go to bed happy with your partner. Takde partner camne? hahaha! ;p Ok2, the main point is H.A.P.P.Y.

- Meditate, pray, calm down before sleep.

- Don't eat dinner right before you go to bed.

- Organize room. Betul gak tu, but hey my room is organized..well, during my rajin time la of course. haha

- Go to toilet. Yeah2, even you don't feel like going. Seriously!

During the Night
- Make sure, you're not too cold or too hot. Since this is M'sia, I guess make sure it's not too hot je la kot..haha

- Keep the window open. Erm.. banyak nyamuk la pulak kot nanti.

- Keep your sleep consistent!

- Cut out noise. E.g: no need to put the earphones in your ears while you're trying to sleep. This actually what I always did and I wondered why I can't sleep.

The Morning
- Drink a glass of water

- Exercise. errrr??? hihi

- Don't drink coffee everyday. Alaaaaa.. =(

- Have something to be excited about. Thinking about shopping tiap2 hari bole? hahaha!

- Get up straight away. That means, no snoozing the alarm.

Okay, I need my beauty sleep. So, nite people! =)

Source : Google

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Last 24 hours

I went back to Klang yesterday. Around 650 pm from Cyber, the traffic was quite okay. Well, at least until Klang. Sampai je depan Jusco lame tu, start la kan.. cam orang gile je sume drive kete.
See, how bad was the traffic. I need to wait for the traffic lights to turn green for about 4 times when it was finally the turn for my car to pass it.

8 sharp I reached home. Macam balik mane je sampai 1 jam lebih baru nak sampai. Haish :/

So, I've got 1 week holiday plus a day off coz of the convocation thing at MMU so all classes on Monday had been cancelled. Yeay! haha

I need to:
Finished up at least one assignment. I have Advanced Audit and Advanced AIS, so I choose the audit's.

Play guitar+ piano back. A bit rusty already. Haha

Maybe, finish up reading the novels I've bought last month.

That's all I guess. I'll update later.

"Jealousy in romance is like salt in the food. It'll refine taste in a right amount.
But too much of it can make the food out of taste.
At certain circumstances, it can be life threatening too."

p/s: Sorry. ILYSM love.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

New Keyboard? Nope ;)

Haha! Yeah2.. ada orang cakap susah nk type bile keyboard mcm tu. So what? I like cute stuff. I have mushroom lamp, which is actually a gift from my sister. And then stuffed animal, the Mr Panda.

Some people associate cute stuff = childish. Hurm, tak tahu la, but most people would say I'm mature, way more than my age would suggest. Well I'm in my 20's. I don't know whether that's a compliment or what. See, I'm clueless when people start giving comments like that to me. To me, it's your attitude that's important. Your age doesn't resembles your level of maturity or wisdom.

About the keyboard, I like to look at it. And believe me, I had not been facing any difficulty tracking down the alphabets. And I don't need to put my face about 2 inches from the keyboard. And I've got it free! Well, pau my youngest sister la kan! Hehe ;D

So, skarang, nak buat assignment pun x malas.. Well, people like to look at nice stuff kan..hehe.

Oh, my mid term Advanced Audit was yesterday. It's 3 hours exam and it feels like final. We'll see about the results. Even my neck and hands are hurt because wrote too much, but it's worth it. I really hope those who copied didn't score. Some people are OKAY with copying during exams. Sorry, this one thing, I never attempt. Call me coward, I don't care. Well, cheaters, how's it feels huh? For me, copy cats don't deserve any marks and it seemed not fair to those who studied really hard.

Sorry, I just dislikes people who has no effort but very proud of having 'able to answer the questions' EASILY. Sampai buat update status kat facebook cakap the exam was easy and no need to study. As if, I don't know you people checking up your notes now and then. Memalukan je! Haih.

And please don't say to me "Not all people are smart like you". Hello, there's no such thing, every1 is equal. It's just your efforts which made the differences.

Peace! Hehe ;)

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Yesterday's Story

Girls chatting intensely without knowing that moment been captured. They exchanged stories like they have not seen each other for years. Actually, they separated only for few hours before meeting back.

Old man sits quietly, not knowing what's actually going on around him. He's very old, wandering in his own part of world.

Housewives busy with their daily gossips. Even while making some other chores. Multi-tasking women, I supposed.

The photographer just helping around a little bit here and there. Some thoughts occurred in her head. The phase of being a girl had passed. The phases of being an adult and an old lady have not. What will she become when the time comes?

That is the yesterday's story. And there's more to come in the future ;)

Not My Days

Hello people!

How's your weekend? Mine would be okay, I guess. Tak baik merungut..haha

Okay, kelas habis pukul 630 p.m. Yup, saye ade kelas hari Jumaat petang! Tak suka sangat. Takpe, 1 sem je lagi, insyaallah ;) Okay, cerita semalam, sampai Klang, macam biase lah, traffic jam! Tengah2 sesak macam tu, ada pulak lori sampah depan kereta aku. Oh, i wished I could switched lane. Terpaksa tutup hidung kot mase drive.. urgghh :(

Malam tuh, badan dah penat, rase nak tido je. So, cepat2 amek remote air cond and klik on.
Tapi, aku ingat nak study jap for mid term Advanced Audit, selasa nanti. Mula2 macam rase jugak air cond tuh, tapi dah lama2 dah tak rase ape. Macam air cond kereta abes gas. And Klang, as usual, it is hot during night time! So, lama2 tutup je buku. Mane boleh study camtu kan. (alasan macam bese..haha)

Baring2 tak boleh gak tido. Nak msg bf, well he had gone into the dreamland hours ago. Nak kacau adik, pun same gak dah tido. Last resort, amek MP3 dengar lagu ulang2. Dah dekat pukul 4 am baru boleh tido. Tu pun, air cond tak sejuk gak lagi.

I think Friday this week just not the day for me.

Pagi tadi, kena bangun awal sebab ade kenduri kat umah my grandpa. Tolong2 ape yang patut and around 3 pm dah setel semua. The effects from sleepless night hit me right after that. Macam nak demam pun ade.

Tapi, sekarang aku sempat lagi online guna netbook (my mum's) and her broadband. How I wish I brought home my laptop! Tak suke la guna benda kecik ni..hihi ;p Oh aku tido kat my bro's room. Kalau die tau abes la. Tapi ape nak buat air cond bilik sendiri rosak. Sorry lil bro..haha

p/s: Badan and kaki sakit lagi sebab main netball lama2 sangat!

Monday, July 12, 2010

Eyes Lie Every 1st Time


For years I've been watching people around me. Not in some stalking or creepy ways but just sit around and take a look of my surroundings. And one thing I've noticed, the eyes always lied. What u see for the first time most of it just the surface, not really the truth.

Firstly, years ago, I saw this guy, he looked really shy+ fierce looking (haha!) and I even thought that he would not talk to girls. Yes, turned out I was wrong and he's talkative, damn funny, right kind of guy. To this guy, you know who u are

There is also at one point of my life, I've known the kind of guys which opposite of the previous one I've mentioned. The kind of innocent-looking ones u know? That turned out to be total jerks. Sorry, no offence. But there is a saying says, 'the more innocent the guy looks, the more careful you should be'. Maybe it's true.

So, about other people, I've seen, some girls in a group which she don't really belong in it. These girls looked like they are in the peers but actually it's just they try too hard to fit in, so they would be noticed too. I don't say that, you should be a loner. Life without friends are BORING but when you tried to hard to fit in, even stranger like me can noticed it. Just choose a few friends that u can really enjoy your life with. Well, at least that's the way I think. Simple.

The front row crowd in class. Looks smart aren't they? The back row crowd in lectures.. well, the lazy and dumb ones. That's what the usuals says. FYI, sometimes people try to pretend they're smart by acting out what they would think smart student would do. People, how wrong u are. Looks smart do not make you smart. Guess what, I like to sit at the back row! And I definitely not a dumber.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

When I was a Kid

I used to be this chubby girl with Harry Potter's- kind- of- spectacles with my straight black hair cut until my shoulder length. I also happened to be very introvert person. I'm very shy. I even scared of the teachers. They are frightening, don't you think? hihi

When I started my standard 1, I don't enjoy my 1st day at school. My mum were kind enough to wait until the school period ended. But, 1 thing, I don't cry! Until now I wonder why I had not cried on my 1st day at school. Usually kids would and don't you guys deny that. Some of you might did that. ;)

I don't know how to count money (and now I'm accounting student! haha). So, every day, my dad would buy me cakes or breads for me to eat during my recess so I don't need to buy. Because every time I bought something, I would just gave the mak cik canteen the whole RM 2 without waiting for the balance.

There also this one girl, used to bully me every day. She was my classmate. Every day, she would ask me to wait for her at some place, promised that she would go recess with me. I waited until the bell rang but she didn't come. She even took my money. Recently, she added me at facebook. Well, she's working now with no degree. She said she's not smart like me. Well, it's karma right? What goes around comes around.

But, out of all these, there are also some good things. I've found my best friend, Sabrina Halim. She hates that bitch too! Opps. hehe. She's still my best friend until now. She's studying in Egypt and doctor-to-be. And, seriously, I'm kinda proud when I tell people she's my BFF! haha ;)

There's also this one girl who happened to save me from that evil bully girl. Her name is Yanee. She's the one who stood up for me. And I can't be more thankful to her for that. She's here in the same campus with me now. ;)

Well, when you've been pushed by people when you were little, you have difficulty to trust people. You have hard times making friends. And now, you know the reason I have few friends. But the friends I've made is for life! ;) That's just worth than millions of ordinary friends.

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

Error code!

I've been experiencing this error since this evening. I saw about 5 comments that need to be moderate and when I click moderate comments all the comments are gone! The effect, well, I cannot moderate any comments for my previous post 'Pointless'. Then, just now I saw one comment and tried to approve it, then I succeeded. Yeay!! haha.

Well, it's been annoying for hours. Sorry blogger, but today, I kinda hate you! haha.

For those who commented for the previous post, here are your comments and my replies:

from jfook: HAHA. nice one.The first one is the best.
from r-mean: ;D
from randomness of bored creature is BACK: It made me smile. Thanks for sharing. :D
from kenwooi: haha. nice jokes.. especially the last one =)

to jfook: i like that one too! haha
to r-mean: thanx! ;)
to randomness: my pleasure and u're wlcm ;)
to ken: hahaha.. i want 2 try said that to the lecturers la..hahaha.

All these comments I have to read at my email. And now, blogger, you don't need to think why you're annoyed me much today!

By the way, now u can comment like u usually do! ;)


Teacher: Why are u late?
Student: Because of the sign.
Teacher: What sign?
Student: The one that says, "School Ahead, Goes Slow".

Son: Dad, can u write in the dark?
Dad: I think so. What u want me to write?
Son: Please sign my report card.

Teacher: Can anybody give an example of a "COINCIDENCE"?
Student: My mum and my dad got married on the same date and time.

Little boy: Daddy, have u ever been to Egypt before?
Dad: No. Why do you ask that?
Little boy: Well *pointing at his mum*, where do u got this mummy then?

Teacher: What do u call people who keep on talking when others are not interested to listen anymore?
Student: TEACHER!

p/s: Smiling already? haha

Friday, July 02, 2010

Hey Sister!

2/7/1990, I've got myself an annoying little sister. You annoyed me by wanting extra one or two toys, ice cream,etc2 more than me. You always crying and your voice annoyed me that time.

2/7/2010, Well you are still the annoying one. In some other ways now. Haha.

But, yes, you're a good sister because you:

Always be a good shopping partner.
A good taste in books and music. Lucky me, I can borrow and no need to buy. ;p
Sarcastic but I find it amusing. I don't know why.
Try to explain everything with science when you know that our brother is making his silly jokes. Haha.
Complete our fantastic 4 siblings ;)

Happy 20th birthday. Welcome the number "2" in front of your age!
Have a blast upcoming days. Be more mature pls. Haha.
Be a good Dr. not the whacky ones pls. You're kinda half-crazy now. LOL!

Oh, your cute lamp, on the way. Preferably, mushroom lamp like you gave me last year, I assume. Well, so much for 20 years old present ;p