What Makes You A Malaysian?

June 29, 2010

Disclaimer: It's not a politic post (lucky I'm not interested in that area). It's just a FORWARD email I've got recently from a friend.

1. A young Malaysian can named all the players from top EPL club, but to name any Malaysian football player, he'll look lost.

2. When toll prices increased, there'll be complaints. So it'll be when fuel prices increased. Starbucks coffee = RM 10 and above, no complaints.

3. You are always late. The typical excuse : a) traffic jam b) no transport c) cannot find parking.

4. You have parents who asked you to be in science stream at school, study engineering at university and after graduate, asked to do commerce/finance and forget everything you learned for the past 4/5 years of miserable courses.

5. Every year on 30th April, you are one of the people queuing to submit your tax return to the IRB.

6. When foreigner kisses you on the cheek to say hello, you be very happy. When a Malaysian guy did that, he'll get a slap on his face. That's for sure. Assuming you're a girl.

7. When you went shopping and there is no parking, you'll complaint when you have to walk very far. When you go inside a shopping mall and there's sale, running from one end to the other end, it's not a problem and finally, no complaint! ;p

p/s: It's not applicable to all. =)

Image: Mr Google.

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