What Makes Me Stayed Up Late

June 16, 2010

Morning people! I really don't have the idea to blog about anything. It's the second week of my semester but not that busy. So, let's just talk about new movies and some good music shall we?

I've watched Killers last Sunday. The movie was okay. Just okay which means not that awesome as the its rating claimed it be. At some point in the movie, it's kind of boring. Luckily I do not fall asleep during the movie since I watched the morning show. Yup, orang takde keje je tengok wayang pagi-pagi. I just quoted the boyfriend's word ;p

Anyway, about the movie, 3/5 perhaps. Although I'm not a fan of Ashton's (unlike most girls who sees this movie because of him) but I love Katherine Heigl!! =)

So, now let's moved on to the next movie on my have-watched list. The Backup Plan..which if I'm not mistaken have not yet been on the cinemas. So where did I watched it, only I know. hehe! Romantic comedy and seriously it's hilarious! That guy kinda cute too..haha! I prefer this one especially when you're not in the mood or simply want to relax. =)

Well, some videos of my most played songs on my MP3...

why is One Republic singles are so damn good?? ;)

So, Au Revoir!!

p/s: Another music I prefer, The Fray. Well, can guess my type of music now? haha

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