The Storyteller 1

June 23, 2010

Sunshine rays pour down his face. He woke up lazily. Sleepyhead. He sits near the window and sipping his morning coffee. That is his usual. Nothing changed and apparently, nothing new. Somehow, he always loves this place. He finds comfort that none can give.

He started to rewind his life. Exactly 5 years back. How life is so simple, without backstabbing friends, no real responsibility and, endless problems, definitely nada. He used to laugh so hard until his eyes watered. He used to take everything easy. Oh, no easy not the word, take for granted would be precise. And that is the cost he has to pay now.

Stop. He now comes back to reality. He lit on another cigarette, hoping it would erase the mistakes he made years ago. ‘Who am I kidding’, his monologue seemed to echo in the room. History cannot be erased.

Now, his mind hit the button forward. ‘Take me to 5 years from now’, his mind demanded. He sees the same room, the same things, the same person but only graying hair and more wrinkles on the forehead.

This cannot be happening. It has to stop. Putting off his cigarette, he quickly got up. Perhaps, he now found his way back.

Play your life well. Pause when you see uncertainties. Stop when you did wrong. And move forward. One thing, don’t rewind back.

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