Orang-Orang Annoying kat Shopping Mall

June 07, 2010

Lately, since I always went out shopping, I've noticed these people at the mall which annoyed me. Bila tengok rasa menyampah je. Not that I want to offend anyone but seriously, I can't help rolling my eyes every time I encountered all these kind of people. So, u guys wanna know what kind of people I'm talking about?

1) Orang yang pakai sunglasses/shades kat dalam mall tu.

Hah! lebih kurang cam dalam pic tula. Even you want to be fashionable, but please at the right place. Panas ke dalam Jusco tu nk pakai2 shades sume? Yela, not my right pun kan nak cakap ape2 but still cam menyampah je tengok. Especially, yang memang tak reti-reti nak bukak shades tu. Kalau tengok wayang pakai gak ke? haha. Ade sekali ni, sorang budak ni nak naik escalator tu but then, suddenly her legs tripped over something. Guess what, she's wearing shades. One piece of advice, don't be a fashion victim.

2) Not properly covered up.
I've seen this one woman, (more macam makcik la kot) wearing shawl if I'm not mistaken, but then let her hair fall down on her forehead. Purposely. I think she's got the idea from one of Malaysia's artist (not gonna say who). Enough said, pakai la elok-elok kalau nak. Kalau tak, tak payah la kan pakai. For me, kalau dah macam tu sama je, pakai ke tak.

Another one, pakai tudung, fitted short sleeves shirt+skinnh jeans. ????? Ape benda macam tu. Macam minah rempit mane je! Yang tua or muda sama je kalau tengok. So, decides first whether you're ready or not to properly dressed up.

3) Guys carrying girlfriends' handbags.

Urghh.. please la dude. Jangan la sampai macam tu nak jadi gentleman (konon la kan). Every time I went out for a date with my boyfriend, I don't ask him to carry my handbag (my shopping bags takpe..hehe). Tak tau la, tapi nampak cam x best je korang sibuk-sibuk bawakkan handbag tu. Tolong pegangkan jap takpela, ni sampai dah duduk dalam wayang still handbag tu kat the guy's lap..haih. Sorry to say, I like my man to be gentleman not 'gentle' ;)

New semester, new room. But still the same good friends ;)

The result was okay. Need to make a little bit improvement to maintain my CGPA. Final year it is, still it's not an end yet, still have chances, and I'll make sure I grab all.

image: Mr Google.

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