Thursday, June 10, 2010

Mentaliti Clerks!

Penat sangat hari ni even I've got only one class. Have I told you this semester the earliest class start at 12 noon? Haha.. Yeay! I like it since I'm not a morning person. Hihi ;) I've purposely arranged my time table that way. Genius kan.. haha!

It started all because of the credit transfer thing. I want to do it for the Islamic Studies subject, since I've took agama masa matrix and it turned out to be it's equivalent with IS kat mmu ni. My mistake I did not do it during my first year. I just did the credit transfer for MUET at that time. So, shorten the story, I went back to Klang yesterday to get my certified matrix transcript.

This morning, I woke up around 7, get ready everything, by 9 I hit the road. Sampai je mmu, my god, the queue is too long. In my head, korang takde kelas ke ek, dok gi menghadap akak-akak fakulti tu watpe (padahal, sendiri nak cepat..haha). Okay, wait for a while, then comes my turn. So, I showed my form and transcript.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk : Oh, budak matrix ek?*frowning*. Ni boleh ke credit transfer agama ni? Syllabus mane?

Me: *watthe..(dlm hati aku la kan)* Haah, saye matrix. Syllabus ape ek? Mane ade dah.. saye pun dah lame abes matrix.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk: Camtu kena gi tanya matrix la camne. Akak tak tahu.

Me: *tahan diri sendiri from raising my voice*. Masalahnye kat list ni cakap leh transfer. Nape tak tahu pulak? Saye ni ade lagi 1 sem je pastu kena gi internship. Saya tengok the next subjek ni offer june next year. Masa tu saya takde dah kat sini.

Akak Faculty a.k.a clerk: Yang tu masalah awak. Tapi akak memang tak sure la. Awak try la macam mana pun cari syllabus dulu baru akak proceed.

Me: Semalam saya datang akak cakap lain, hari ni lain pulak. Takpe lah, saya gi cari gak syllabus tu, saya call jap matriks saya. Skang saya nk dean list cert saye je. Yang tu boleh kan akak?

...Haha! I purposely asked her to find my DL certs. Yela, very rude sangat so saje la kan suh die gi korek2 file cari certs aku dari duduk relax marah-marah student lain. Muahahaha!

After that, I went up to my room, search KMNS website. Fuh~ Luckily ade syllabus tu kat page matrix. Around 3 o'clock submit the whole thing. Finish!

Tapi one thing kan, banyak kali la actually encountered this kind of problem. I mean clerk's mentality. Tolong la, you are dealing with people, please be polite. Yes, I am a student, I'm younger than you, but still one day I might be your boss. Hahaha! Okay, tipu la kan, I'm accounting student, but the point is, be polite. ;)

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